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Fuel system. Fuel pump replacement 351C
Quick question. I am upgrading my entire fuel system to be at least 15 -20% Ethanol resistant, so I'm not restricted to just Shell 91 gas.
The Holley Street Avenger 670 is ok for 15%. All engine bay hoses are replaced with EFI high pressure somewhat ethanol resistant. Next is a new fuel tank from Spectra Premium ( American Designers, Canadian made) that is good for 20% and new hard lines to the pump.
Here is the question, Does anyone know for sure what brands of mechanical fuel pumps are available that have ethanol resistant diaphragms in them for the 351C? Also, the hard lines. 3/8" I think, need to be treated steel, or stainless?
No need for a long discussion, I just need to know what to buy.
Thanks all,
OK, I think I just answered my own question. I checked out RockAuto and they list all the Spectra Premium fuel system stuff way cheaper than the local supplier, as well as a Delphi fuel pump for 19.75 Cad that is listed as suitable for alcohol blends. The Spectra one does not say alcohol suitable and is even cheaper..... Hmm!
If anyone has any better suggestions, I'm all eyes.
Good information - thanks for sharing! Good luck with the swap/replacement! thumb


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Mister 4x4;283095 Wrote:Good information - thanks for sharing! Good luck with the swap/replacement! thumb

Eric, glad my info was useful. Like I said, I do have non ethanol gas available here, but that may not last and besides, I may need to buy gas in the US or anywhere else for that matter that is a 10% ethanol rip-off.
I will be buying the Spectra Premium tank and parts from RockAuto and I think I'll get the best pump available, the Delphi by the look of it.
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