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fuel sender 1/2 inch
Looking at upgrading fuel system with Robb Mac fuel pump etc however due to my expected 450-500 HP they recommend upgrading fuel lines to 1/2 inch which is not a big deal except for the fuel sender unit. He no longer makes 1/2 fuel senders as he reckons they got in the way of the dual exhaust. Does anyone know if anyone has 1/2 inch sender units. From memory I saw a post on some 429 models having 1/2 inch but couldn't find it.
If can't buy them perhaps can modify mine and get a radiator shop to braze it on?
I bought a new stainless sending unit and had a local fabrication shop in Melbourne fl. convert it to 1/2". I can ask if they would do another and how much. Too bad it's the wrong melbourne haha
I was in the same boat and decided to go to a fuel cell. One option would be to remove the tank and run your pick up through the plate that is normally used for the return line on top. You can likely fit the return fitting there as well or can run it through what was the original supply line if you run a line from the sending unit ON THE INSIDE OF THE TANK upward so that it returns to the top of the tank. You will have to mount the tank a bit lower to make room for the fittings.

I also considered just adding a bulkhead fitting to the tank, but I don't like the idea of drilling into a used tank.

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Thanks Keith might be worth considering but reckon the cost plus shipping might be a bit expensive no matter which Melbourne it comes from lol.

Thanks Jeff and could be another way of doing it but I've spent many hours refurbishing the fuel tank so not too keen on removing it again and modifying things.
Main reason I wanted to go with the Robb Mc mechanical pump is I can utilize it to work the the vent return making a simple installation.
Robb suggested to go with his electric power surge system which would have allowed me to retain the 3/8 line but would also require bypass regulator and a return line back to the tank (can't use vent line for this) so would still have to make modifications and more expensive.
I think best option if an inexpensive ready made one can't be found will just try to modify it myself and perhaps a member has done this before?
I have a brand new Robb mc 1/2” sending unit I will sell you. I bought it from robbmc and never used it. I changed my mind and went fuel injected. $100 plus shipping.

(04-22-2018, 06:33 AM)johnwanzel Wrote: I have a brand new Robb mc 1/2” sending unit I will sell you. I bought it from robbmc and never used it. I changed my mind and went fuel injected. $100 plus shipping.

That's great John, will send you a PM
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