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Fuel prices
I was wondering what gas was going for in all 50 states and overseas. It has dropped to 3.09 for regular and 3.29 for premium in Michigan. I heard on the news that some states are under 3 bucks a gallon.

John J
That's definitely the direction it's headed here in northern Nevada. About $3.28 here in my small town for 87 octane.

For our non-continental United States members, I still feel your pain. Angel


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Here on the west side of Michigan is 3.12 for regular and 3.42 for premium.

Jeff T.

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$3.35 at Costco last Friday, here in central CA.

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--Albert Einstein
6$ a gallon here in Luxembourg. And we have the lowest prices in Europe.

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I saw regular fuel today in beautiful downtown Secaucus, NJ for $2.95 gal.
luxstang;153409 Wrote:6$ a gallon here in Luxembourg. And we have the lowest prices in Europe.

You also have Good gas Cool


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I've been telling my friends for the past few years to hang on to their gas guzzlers. As the image conscious, semi-affluent members of our society start buying more and more electric and hybrid cars, the demand for fossil fuel will decrease. And if one trusts the validity of basic economic theory, with the drop in demand, so goes the drop in price Smile ! Gotta love that Adam Smith eh ?
$2.81 in NW Arkansas and going down
We buy fuel by the Litre down here, last time I got fuel, 95 octane, it was $1.68/lt.
So - 1 US gallon been, 3.785lt. That's $6.35 a gallon.
This is in the outback, of Western Australia. city prices are cheaper, and they have 98 octane available, the lowest octane fuel we have is 91.

Anything is possible, It just takes time and MONEY....
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