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Front Suspension Bang
I do not thing the cut off spring would make it bump but never know. How the spring sits in the pockets would be changed if you cut them for sure.
I just had sway bar off one of mine to replace bushings and I do not think you can put on upside down?
If you change the springs again get a good compressor. Most of the auto parts stores rent them for free so you do not have to purchase one. A little grease on the screw threads helps a lot.
When you are taking the compressor off the spring I always lay a piece of plywood on the spring laying on the ground so if the fingers happen to slip on the spring it will not kill me. The amount of energy stored in the spring when compressed is a lethal weapon. Just be safe and it will be ok.
You should be able to compress the new spring and just sit in place and back off on the compressor with no problem.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
I doubt you can install the sway bar upside down, but if the end links are too long, it could hit the frame.

The Dorman description on Rock Auto shows the sleeve as 2 1/2" long.


I did double check the sway bar and it appears to be installed correctly. End link length is a match based on hemikiller’s measurements. New springs arrived from Rock Auto this weekend. Insulators arrive today and I have replacement bushings for the shocks. Hope to have a successful update for the group later in the week!
I got everything installed and the suspension is much better than before. Ride height in the front has increased and the shock sits at the right height in the tower. Overall I believe the cut spring caused the problem! Thanks to all for helping me through the problem. Now I can enjoy driving it this summer
Bravo Glad it all worked out.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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