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Front Shock Bushings
I have a '71 Mustang with a 351C.  Is anyone else having the issue of torn top front bushing tears overtime you jack up the from end? Any solutions?
Thanks Tom
This is a frequently discussed topic. Some others do and some don’t. I recently replaced my cracked top bushings. When keeping the car up in the air it’s good practice to use a special tool that keeps the front wheel from hanging off of the shock. If you search this site you’ll find out more about it.
Shocks aren't designed to hold the weight and pressure of the front suspension for any length of time. If you anticipate an lengthy time on jackstands with the front end off the ground, block the suspension with the tool shown int he shop manual, or a regular 'ol 2x4.

If they're falling apart when you do a simple tire rotation, replace them with some polyurethane bushings.

This thread should help

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I think this is the most seen complaint but still so many say you do not need to block the control arms, lol.
A simple 2X4" block of wood laying on the frame rail to stop the upper control arm from going to full extension will keep the upper shock bushings in great shape.
It is in all of the Ford manuals to use the tool to stop the travel of the control arms.

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