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Front/rear sway bar bushings?
Hello again Forum.......as I am in the US shortly, I am picking up some parts for my car.

I need new front and rear swaybar bushings......what size bushings do I need?

I have tried to find a kit on Ebay.......but I cant figure out the correct size.

1971 mach1 429cj.......'factory suspension(competition?)

Any info would be awesome.
If it were me I would measure the diameter of the sway bars and the outside dimensions of the bushings so I could be sure that what I pick up is correct. After you're back home it would be impossible to exchange them if they are wrong.

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Anderslober, I'll start by saying what a magnificent Stallion your Mach1 is!! Black seems to fit that body style like a glove. And also being a 429 CJ car sure doesn't hurt it's pedigree. If you ever lose your mind and decide you no longer want something with the power of a rocket ship, please let us know first!

Since your car is 429 powered it ran slightly larger sway bars. I'll list the bar size with the Ford part number for the bushing in case you want to search for them by number. The front bar is 7/8" and the bushing is C6OZ-5493-E. Rear bar is 5/8" and the bushing is DOZZ-5493-B. Ford actually sold these until 1995 when they were discontinued. If you don't find anything on your E Bay search I would try Don (OMS) and see what he has for your bushing needs. There is a lot of JUNK being sold out there. At least dealing with Don you will know that you can trust what he says and what he offers is the best of what is on the market.


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Steve...thanks...that is awesome information. I will contact Don.

I have been trying to find a lot of underside pictures of Mach1's, to see the setup.

Thanks again.

I want to keep the car as stock as possible.........but, of course, anything that improves handling would be good. Is it a good idea to put in thicker sway bars? There are kits available...

Have any of you fellows done this?
Anderslober, certainly understand your desire to keep that particular car as stock as possible. To the US car manufacturers "Handling" was only a word in the dictionary. Here in the US your "Manhood" was still measured by your red light to red light performance. Ford didn't even start using rear stabilizer bars until 1969 and then they were only on Police cars and the 69 Boss 429. Then they finally figured out that all roads weren't straight and occasionally you needed to turn. Sorta funny that most 74-78 Mustang II's had larger sway bars than the largest offered on any of the previous year Mustang's.

Since you live in Europe, I would opt for a better handling car and install a larger sway bar kit that is offered for the 71-3 Mustang's. Once again I would contact Don (OMS) and see would he suggested. At least you will be able to make an informed decision. Like Don C said once you get back home and discover you have the wrong parts, exchanging them would be near impossible and shipping expensive!


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
Sway bars I never tighten mounting bolts while unsprung or with wheels jacked up. I do the final tightening under full weight to avoid binding and squeaking.

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