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Front oil pan seal
Pulled my 351C out this weekend to address an oil leak from the front seal of the pan. After inspection I found that the ridge that runs along the front and back of my aftermarket milodon pan had not seated properly in front which was causing the leak. Additionally, I found the fel-pro front rubber end seal to have about a 1/4 of an inch of play in the channel. I suspect it is a combination of these two issues that is causing my leak but I thought I would ask if anyone had any experience with milodon pans or the issue of the front end seal fitting loosely in channel on the timing chain cover.
Could be a bad stamping. All of the aftermarket Cleveland pan cores are made off the same dies. If you look at the rear part of the pan, there's most likely a circular embossment. That was a shortcut taken by the stamper to help clear the rods on a stock engine, rather than actually fixing the dies. Everyone uses that stamping - Canton, Kevco, Milodon, Moroso etc.

If the front seal is loose in the channel on the timing chain cover, then you might want to investigate why. It should fit snugly into the channel and butt nicely against the cork rail seals.

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