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Front Fender Removal
Going to pull the front fenders tonight. Is it the same as the older mustangs, bolts on top, one in the door frame, one down below?
It is a bit of a PITA. 1 at door, 2 at bottom, 5 on top, 3 to the valence and 1 brace, 2 on the core support, 4 to the headlight bucket, and side marker light socket. The splash shield can be a serious PITA so plan on removing them as well. Removing the front bumper will make it easier.MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL THE FRONT SPLASH SHIELD BEFORE YOU PUT THE FENDER ON. You can not do it after the fender is on (guess how I know). Be patient, go slow, and no beer until you are done or decide to quit for the day.
Wow, that does seem excessive. Ok...no beer...what about whiskey?
Whiskey at your own riskwhistling

drive it like you stole it
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