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Front coil springs
So after fighting the coil springs with a local loan-a-tool spring compressor today, I opted to just order the one recommended in so many threads here that mounts to the perch where the shock bolts to.  The one that I had today has the hooks and no matter where I positioned them, they seemed to keep slipping during the compression and even though the front portion of the coil was off the perch, the rear portion did not come off of it much and I could not rotate the spring at all. After sitting in an open field though for so many years, I am sure it is just plain stuck due to rust and corrosion. 
I have new upper and lower control arms, all new stabilizer bar bushings, etc and will be rust free in this area real soon.

Good choice and solution.

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Yes good choice. I purchased one and it is great.

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- Jason

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Yes a coil spring is nothing to take lightly. If I recall right you need to compress the spring about 4" to be able to get it out. The compressor with just the hooks has been know to come loose when taking the compressor out and the spring launch into orbit. Could easily kill you.
You should also block the upper control arm from dropping all the way down to prevent damage to the strut rod bushings and the upper shock mount bushings. Should be info on making the tool or I just use wood blocks on top of frame rail under the control arm.

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I took my springs out by just taking the 2 nuts off of the upper control arms and work it outward carefully, that's easy. Hard part part is to put them back in, I used a spring compressor (loaner) that is the newer style that goes through the center of the spring, if that makes sense. + 1 on the wood blocks under the upper control arms, I use 1x4" pieces of oak.

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Thanks all for your input, my new spring compressor will be here tomorrow morning and I have all new upper and lower control arms, tie rods, sway bar bushings, and strut arm bushings to install. Going to soak the tie rod collars in some type of cleaning fluids as well as the strut rods and springs to clean them up real good before I do the install. Should have everything taken apart by tomorrow afternoon and reinstall on Sunday. Got all new Moog components so things should last awhile.
While I am at it, I may box the lower control arms, any thoughts on this?

When putting the springs back in, is it best to install the upper control arm first, then compress the spring or compress the spring first and then put the arm in place? I ask because when removing, the compressor instructions said to only compress enough until the perch came off of the arm, then remove the arm before removing the spring. Maybe I am overthinking or over stressing this as I hate working on coil springs but when I compressed the spring earlier and tried to put the control arm in, it wouldn't line up enough to get the arm in place to bolt down. The compressor instructions said to not over compress the springs, and I was concerned about that maybe. Thanks for any advice.

That would be the quickest way to do it , compress spring then install upper control arm.
I take it they are for a small block, don't worry about compressing them too much to get them installed.
Yea, the moans and groans that sounded like they were coming from the springs when compressing them had me concerned . I have the compressor that bolts to the perch but still hate working on springs. Will probably give it another shot tomorrow night after work, thanks for the response.

Yep the coil spring job sure makes the cheeks pucker!

I used an internal hook type compressor but used it where the threaded center comes up through the shock tower so i could get enough compression to install.  Of course that had be turning the bolt through the coils.  Been a while, glad that job is over.

Good Luck!

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