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front brake drum hubs
while doing maintenance on front bearings, found that my outer race is spinning in the hub and has at least .005 slop. 70-73 large bearing hubs are not available. I was told 64-67 hubs can work by using their race and using the larger i.d. 71 bearing. can anyone confirm this?                                                  don't see need to go disc swap in my 6 cyl cruiser. the 10"x2 1/2" shoes stop straight after I ditched the self adjuster set up and went to the 64" manual adjust spring.
Are you sure it's the hub at fault, and not the race? With some of the garbage that's sold nowadays it's more likely to be the race if it was replaced at some time.

If it is the hub I would check with Don at OMS or Mike at Motorcity Mustangs to see if they have a good used one.

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this car has a million miles on it, the i.d has a step worn in it. wouldn't it be nice to have sealed bearing hubs? I'm looking into mods to fit. thanks
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