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Front apron/radiator support help needed
When I bought his car the previous owner replaced the two aprons on the passenger side. He did not weld them in but they were in place. He also provided the two sections for the drivers side. I removed the drivers side fender on Saturday and found it to be pretty solid except on the remaining section over the shock tower. The radiator support was also rotted on the corners so that will need to be replaced. Do they make a patch panel for the top of the control tower or do you think the front and rear apron overlaps will be enough and maybe weld in a piece underneath it?

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[Image: 20181215-131532.jpg]
I do not think they make just the top section. That is where your VIN# is stamped also. You should keep just in case there is questions later. Our state DMV would need to see the original if brought in from out of state.
You could fabricate just the top pretty easy and butt weld in a section. If you have to replace the tower it would have been easier to do the whole rail with the tower and inner already in place.
Is the car special that you would want to put that much work in? Are the cross members also rusty? The cowl has to be gone also with that much rust.
The pic shows my VIN# in the area on the shock tower.
Attached are some measurements I took for another member to replace his by. You have to get it all square and in place before welding. You need to measure under body of car also.
From the looks of this pic I would step back and take another look you might want to consider another body. The PO might have seen the future and sold it to you. I want to save them also but not live in pain.

[Image: DSC00129.jpg]

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.pdf   73_Mustang_Inner_Fender_Measurements.pdf (Size: 329.47 KB / Downloads: 14)
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Thanks for the picture of your car and the diagram. I know what you're saying about dumping good money after a bad purchase but beyond this area the car is really solid. No floor rot, trunk looks good, cowl is also ok. All have typical surface rust but I plan to clean that down and recoat everything. The car is something to keep me busy, call it my therapy! I was surprised to see this much rust as the fenders are in good shape too but once I get the new aprons in place it will be a decent car and for not that much money since I can do most of the work thankfully. Here's some more pictures, let me know if you agree. Thanks.
[Image: 20181215-131720.jpg]

[Image: 20181215-131824.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0250.jpg]

[Image: IMG-0260.jpg]

[Image: 16.jpg]
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