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Frame Measurement Madness
Happy New Year, folks! So in an effort to make good on my New Year’s resolution, I decided it was time to start putting the old Mustang back together. But first, I wanted to make sure everything was straight. While I was confident it was, I dug up the frame specs, grabbed a few tape measures and bubble levels, and even through in a Johnson laser level for good measure.(Pardon the pun) as I work through the numbers this morning everything was looking good. Until, I got to the vertical distances (from baseline) on the rear leafspring holes. My numbers you’re tellin me the entire rear end is off/high by 4". I could understand if it was off by a bit, but not 4". I would expect significant buckling in the frame rails and in the original factory fenders, which do not exist. Can anyone tell me where I'm gong wrong?

Process: I started with the following Frame Spec sheet, grabbed a creaper and go busy.

[Image: E26-BBB31-0769-4-D77-BEC8-43-B8589919-B8.jpg]

When I got to the vertical measurements, since my floor is slanted for drainage, I grabbed a laser torpedo level and fixed it to the bottom of the inside rocker, and measured from the leafspring mount points (as called out in the diagram) to the beam. Then compensated for the original base line.

[Image: 69-A65144-A114-4-D2-E-BEC9-20-A3101-D2029.jpg]

[Image: 399-A31-A5-0-BF1-4-F90-A24-B-BC6-F5-F498-A9-B.jpg]

Straight, no bends.

[Image: 6097038-F-E937-44-A2-A25-A-12-D1-B976-CAF5.jpg]

Straight, no bends.

[Image: A1-D487-ED-E08-A-4-D55-8743-D564-DC975-CA8.jpg]

[Image: 4378-D022-50-A3-4787-A552-E72-E9-F030-D67.jpg]

[Image: FCEECDEC-E135-4-D9-D-8-C04-E63-FEE912-CFC.jpg]

Aftermarket Quater looks good and fits well.

[Image: 8-C48865-B-8762-4-C7-B-9412-39968-A6-C7-D0-F.jpg]



One bolt at a time...
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1) you're not following the instructions on the sheet, which says to project your dimensions down etc. That's why your diagonals are off. You need to measure diagonally on a reference plane, not in 3D space.

2) You've made an assumption that the rocker is parallel with the reference plane as shown in the side view. The correct way would be to use a mason's line and set it so the dimensions listed. I'd probably use the steering box and front eye holes, then measure the rear spring eye and frt bumper holes.

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You may be using the wrong dimensions. See this thread:

Also, please go to the introduction section of the forum and introduce yourself and your car. Be forewarned, we like pictures.

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Do you have the car set up so the base line is parallel to your measuring surface? Also, is the surface actually a flat plane?

Using Dons drawing I’d set up the car so that the fronts bumper mount hole is 4.47” higher than the rear spring front hangar and try try again.
Awesome Info, guys! The car is on 6 custom jack stands, that use 3/4” threaded rod and are infinitely adjustable. The rockers are (very) level, front to back and side to side. I won’t be able to touch the car until after the 7th. But, I will look threw all the info above and review the numbers I have. Thanks SO much for the quick replies!

As for Pics, careful I’ve got 18 years of photos. This is a complete tear down and rotisserie restro-mod. I’m hanging sheet metal from front to back. So, wanting to make sure it’s as straight as possible/reasonable.

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One bolt at a time...
Check out some of the other build threads, if you want to see a lot a pictures. Just a dozen or two is enough for the introduction. Smile

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
Custom jack stand. 6 under the car, very stable.

[Image: cc538a947ed82b0085d317b3344fc08f.jpg]

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One bolt at a time...
Man you are dedicated. That car needs more metal than it has left.

Good luck! Its great to see someone with that kind of dedication.

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WOW, almost nothing left! Welcome from Omaha!

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Good to see someone starting where you should. If your base is not right nothing will fit in the end. I have gone and looked at several failed builds and it was because they did not get the chassis right before they put all the new metal on.
Did you do the cowl already?

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