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Found the door plate
So I thought the door trim plate was missing. I was looking under the hood when my brother pointed out it had been screwed to the radiator support bracket.

I tried searching online. Can anyone help me decode this?

[Image: IMAG0150.jpg]

Thanks for your help,
That is the buck tag - it should be screwed to the rad support - it is not the door tag
71-3 door tags are printed decals

Ohio Mustang Supply

[Image: oms_sig_banner.jpg]
Does it still tell similar or identical info?

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this tag doesn't give you the info the door tag gives you.
this was used during the production before the body was painted to give the assy line some basic info about the car.

.jpg   TAGB-65.jpg (Size: 52.75 KB / Downloads: 52)
this below is from Kevin Marti's site about the buck tag
The Buck Tag (AKA Body Tag, Build Tag) were used by the Body and Paint line to prepare the vehicle for completion
(Bucked (Buck Date) This is the date the first piece of sheet metal was welded to another piece of sheet metal to begin forming the buck (if you imagine unbolting everything possible from your vehicle, that which remains is the buck. Generally, on this date, the entire body is produced, appropriate holes are punched, and the body is primed and painted)

.jpg   TAGD-72.jpg (Size: 37.16 KB / Downloads: 50)
The Vehicle Certification Label (or VCL) is the plastic decal, located on the left hand door, that displays a car's serial number, plus encoded data about its features & equipment

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
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Ah, thank you.

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