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Found another interesting M code

I remember this car a few months ago on eBay. It sold for $10k, or supposedly did. Seems a little high since it has a Salvage title. I like that now a Dealer is selling it and inflated the price to $15k. I've been looking for a '71 M code with a 4 speed, but this one scares me because of the Salvage title. Frame could be bent to hell.



I don't know about Texas but here in Indiana a salvage titled car has to have the reason and the repairs documented when it comes from a dealer but buyer beware when it comes from an individual. We recently had to bite the bullet and go used car shopping for my daughter (newly minted) and myself (300+K on my jeep, it was done) and encountered many cars with salvage titles. I didn't find one repaired to my satisfaction (frame, finish, detail, etc.) and several were "flood" cars "imported" from out of state. Its almost impossible to get a bank to loan on a salvage titled car and their trade-in value is shot.


This Mustang might not be a bad deal except if you have to get a loan for it. It's not like you need it to carry trade-in value for your next grocery getter. They give you a little heads up in the description, "The car currently has a salvage title due to a minor accident back in 1989, when the vehicle's value was low and the damage exceeded 75% of its value back then.
It may have encounter something that to us seems benign but to the insurance company then it was outside of the limits. In 1989 (I was there) you could pick these damn things up all day for under a grand and things like the CJ's, HO's, were salty at 2 to 6 grand tops. My dad about passed out when I paid close to 2 grand for mine, lol. I'd just sold my pristine baby blue coupe for $700. Anyway, from the looks of it in the pictures, I'd venture to say that it'd be worth a little time on the frame rack if it needed it, if you could buy it right.
I am surprised nobody has tried wiping that thing clean by bringing it to Florida. It is very easy to wipe that stuff here, unfortunately - also one of the reasons why a lot of Texas salvage or stolen vehicles wind up on the southeast coast.


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