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Ford Redesigns Camaro-Chasing Mustang for Global Buyers
Just a bit more discussion about the 2015 Mustang going global.


mustang7173 Cool
OK - so basically, the 'leaked' pictures on Car & Driver are still pure speculation. I guess we still gotta wait a month to find out for sure.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Mister 4x4;156359 Wrote:OK - so basically, the 'leaked' pictures on Car & Driver are still pure speculation. I guess we still gotta wait a month to find out for sure.

According to Car and Driver those are pics of the 2015, I think they added "leaked" to the article to sell more magazines.


M code 71 Mach 1, 351 4V Cleveland, Ram Air (not factory), C6 Trans, 3.5 rear
Yeah... still smells a little fishy. Ford says they're not going to release until January 15th, and Car & Driver has 'leaked' photos.

I think Car & Driver has some really good artists, and the car will look slightly different. Like I said, we'll know for sure in another 5 weeks or so. Wink


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Here's the real deal..
front not bad..But still think they drop the ball on the rear...It kinda looks like some weird front engine porche on the side profile going down the road...Round it out a little more it would look like a 911..lol

I hear they are tring to make another mach 1 again thou. http://usautodaily.com/ford-is-bringing-...5-mustang/
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