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Ford Corporate Blue Dilution Rate
Someone recently posted a link to POR15 paint. As i understand it this particular brand is the closest color match to Ford's original paint. The poster also stated that the paint could be diluted to allow the application to be carried out using a spray gun but it needed to be diluted down to allow a spray gun to be used.
Can anyone tell me the ratio of dilution to retain its strength and allow the application using a spray gun.


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POR15 is not a color. It is Paint Over Rust 15 Black in color and if in UV turns gray over time. It is just used to seal up rust to help stop the cancer. Ford Blue is the Engine color used on our cars. When POR15 comes in contact with moisture it hardens. So if you breath into your lungs it will harden and good by you. If you spray you need a very good air mask or very good set of filters. This is just to put over rust to help slow down the progression. Rust cannot be stopped unless you remove it and then treat and then seal it. POR 15 is not a color it is BLACK. You have to also treat with their pre treatment which etches the surface.

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See link above. POR also makes engine enamel. Including in Ford Corporate Blue.

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David is partially correct. And to his defense POR 15 began production as a rust-preventing coating (paint) and it was black in color.

Now they offer more products and use the same name so it can be confusing.

See pics:

.jpg   engine enamel colors por15.jpg (Size: 80.73 KB / Downloads: 63)

.jpg   engine enamel colors por15 Ford Corporate Blue.jpg (Size: 56.15 KB / Downloads: 63)


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I learned my new thing for today. At the last swap meet I went to they never mentioned the engine paint, humm. Is it like the rust sealer cures with moisture of just a HT paint?
Thanks for the info guys.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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