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Ford AC-pump
An original Ford AC pump:
-what oil do i use in the AC pump?(maybe this one ??? pic 3555)
-can i use also liquid gasket (Loctite 518/red/-55 ° C and +200 ° C)?
-only the pulley and valve must be blank metal and the rest of the pump black, is this correct?(pic 2537)

Thanks for sharing info.

Hello Eddiew,

Take a look at this .pdf.



I believe I would use an original style gasket since tolerances could come into play.

Need to know if you plan on using R-12 Freon. Please don't use anything else. If so use the parrafinic mineral oil for R-12. If you are using a replacement refrigerant you will need to do more preperation.
Make sure you flush out your entire system and add 10 ounces of oil directly to the sump of the compressor and replace the valves on the top of the compressor. Do not add oil to the rest of the system.
Replace all the orings.
Vacuum the system!
I don't like the posted PDF files. Too much misinformation in them.
The compressor is a York T210-L o-ring style
The clutch is Borg Warner and was zinc coated very poorly.
The bolt in the middle of the clutch was gold cadmium plated.
I forgot.
You will also need to replace your drier.
Hi Stocktrader,

Many thanks for the information, i'm working on it(i'm starting i July from a empty body shell, only the wheels/suspension/brakes are on the car).
Now i can on every pieces to rebuilt it...
Only all the hoses are not so good...i must buy new ones and replace them.
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