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[For Sale] South Florida selection (C-list overview)
None are mine; just an aggregation of what's available, what's good, and what ain't:

6 cylinder 3-speed stick coupe. First available online via Craigslist in need of a repaint and new trunk floor for $3K. Showed up on eBay later on with a new (correct) paint job and the trunk floor replaced; made the rounds until it sold for ~6K locally to this guy - who promptly ghettoized it a few months ago and put it up for a $12K flip (and sold the original matching-paint steel rims for $350). He's down to $8K, as in this ad. It was a nice all-original base car - not anymore.

When they say it's rusted out, it is RUSTED OUT. It's also a bit question mark, as it has '73 details (grille, front bumper, rear bumper + bumper filler panels, but the taillights and decals are '71/2, and the filler cap '71). No pictures on C-list, but I got some from the seller. No title. Not worth $2K unless someone puts $1.8K worth of gold in the back seat. Makes Eric's Rustang "before" photos look like that of a rust-free car.

[Image: dptyrm.jpg]

[Image: ibmefd.jpg]

[Image: 2jdhlwm.jpg]

[Image: 2z4bp6f.jpg]

I have to laugh.

Haven't seen it in person or photos. Crap shoot.

Again, haven't seen it. Price has been plummeting. Probably a meh project car.

I'm not sure I'd WANT to see this one in person - the decals look like a bad 1980's Hollywood custom car job. Jokes aside, it might be a solid car that would look pretty good with a repaint (shame to ruin that beautiful clear coat, but it looks as if those decals are under the paint) and that shackle extension kit thrown in the trash. Still, not worth the price of admission.

An 8,000-mile beauty, but not entirely flawless, despite the steep asking price. I'd expect perfection by then.

Haven't seen it in person, but it would appear to be the shining local deal of the lot, despite its flaws. Decent paint job, surviving interior (though complete with screws in the inner sail panels - yech), and it looks as if it doesn't need that much work to be brought up to a very nice standard. Justify it to the wife by showing her the $22K car first Wink

It's also been on eBay for years now. No comment.

Not a restoration as much as a disaster zone - the point wherein fixing the current "restoration" is more work than had it been unrestored. Driver's door panel from another car, though nobody thought of what that might do if the door jamb wasn't repainted properly beforehand. Striping on the hood looks as if a 6-year old child did the masking job, and it's painfully incorrect. Clearcoat was applied in bucketfuls and allowed to drip-dry. Engine room is a spray-paint refresh that's missing the shock tower struts, but it didn't prevent the current owner from demonstrating that the car requires FAA certification - as we went airborne during the test drive.

Another question mark. Haven't asked for pictures yet.


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
How to buy a '71-73 Mustang:
Rule #1: Assume all classic car sellers are guilty until proven innocent.
Rule #2: No classic car dealer is ever innocent; thus, they are all guilty.
Rule #3: Buy from trustworthy people: Fellow forum members. Visit 7173Mustang's For Sale forum.
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