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[For Sale] Have two questions I am unsure of???
Two Questions:

On this air cleaner housing, which I am told fits a '73, is it compatible with a 4bbl?

Do these original radios have both; AM/FM or just one of them?

Thanks in advance.


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The 2 bbl and 4 bbl air cleaner mounting flange (top of the carburetor) opening are the same.
That is a 302 specific air cleaner housing. The 351C was larger and the top flatter as I recall (I haven't seen mine in a while, going from memory)

The radio shown is AM only, they also had am/fm optional.
There are some conversion companies that can rework the internals of the radio, making it am/fm and aux. input. the FM is indicated by an led placed in the display. This makes the external appearance of the radio to be stock, but have more modern conveniences.

No 4-V for 302. The 4-V air cleaner for 351 is bigger for more air flow. Don't know about fitting over the 4-V carb. The radio in pic is just AM the AM/FM has a slide bar to select which you want and the AM/ 8 Track does not have FM. Cars with AM/FM or AM/ 8 Track have door speakers.
The radio knobs will bring as much as the radio. Knobs are same for all types of radios and the chrome flakes off and hard to find good ones. PM me if you want to sell the knobs if there is not chrome peeling.
The pic is what the AM/FM would look like with the slide bar in the center. This particular one is out of Big Ford car and has another slide bar on bottom for fade front to rear and did not come in Mustang but I added it to have the rear speakers and it looks same unless you know what to look for.

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While it will fit, it may restrict airflow due to the small filter element, if the engine is upgraded very much. You can improve the airflow by installing a K&N filter, but not by a huge amount, if you're trying to maintain a stock appearance.

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