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[For Sale] Custom parking brake cables for 71-73 with cobra rear disk brake swap
I am having Bruin Brake Cables make up a pair of custom parking brake cables for me.

If anyone else is interested I can get more.  They are for a 71-73 with a cobra rear disk brake swap (1994-2004).  If anyone is running the Mustang Steve Cobra rear brakes these should be the cat's meow.  They also should fit other rear disk brake swaps on a 71-73 that use that type of caliper as long as the caliper is clocked towards the rear of the car.


The cables will mount in stock location, will have armor where they contact the axle and leaf spring, and will work with a stock 71-73 front cable (from the pedal to under the car).  They will appear about as factory as you can get.  

Lead time is about 5-6 weeks - pay when they get delivered to me from Bruin

Price to you will be somewhere around $70-85 a pair of rear cables plus shipping.  If you are interested message me.  I had to fork out a bit of money to get them engineered by Bruin, so I am trying to recoup about $30 on each pair of cables sold.  Try to give me a heads up if you want a pair by the middle of March.

Take it easy,

Below is a pic of a 94-04 cobra caliper

[Image: bc19r.jpg]
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Got em!
Turned out super nice.  Nobody expressed any interest in them, so I only got one set.

[Image: IMG_4931.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4932.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4933.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4934.jpg]

[Image: IMG_4935.jpg]
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Very nice! Looks like a great set of lines.

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