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[For Sale] 302 boss heads
No reserve.


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Re-listed here and local Craigslist.

Ford Boss 302 Cylinder Heads. Condition is Used.

D0ZE -6090-A 0B9

D0ZE- 6090-B 1H23

These heads appear to be in great shape.

They ARE also drilled so they can be used on a Cleveland block.

Factory guide plates, screw in studs.

Guide numbers: C9ZE-6A564-B

Double valve springs and Titaniam retainers. They are set up for large hydraulic flat tapper cam..

I was seriously considering bolting these on, but I already have a set of 4v heads.

Located in HOUSTON Texas.

Will ship, you pay freight.

They are heavy as you know.

Very nice heads in my opinion.
[Image: afab9deae2873de7e6a83aa9811ef542.jpg][Image: 0a3f3fec453a9ce23e9098f91890e5e3.jpg][Image: 5458bb7c59f7fa0320ac27be8497a221.jpg][Image: a1d2ec1e2e0c613d24ed589f1ff678eb.jpg][Image: 76fadef51a63788e5f4280e4dfef0afe.jpg][Image: 407b1909297bfd92aed5a512a02d6318.jpg]

[Image: c8dd1fec62913c0d76bb9720c93b3f54.jpg]
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Might have been a scam someone just copied pics and put ad up. Ebay says sold  or ended.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
No it’s me, it was set in automatic relist.

So I ended that one and thought I would list here and some more of the classic forums.
It’s also listed in HOUSTON Craigslist.

I did copy the thread for simple ease.
Happy to take any pics you need, phone call, face time, etc.

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They are off eBay now.
I have them listed at $1200 obo
If anyone is interested.

Also about to list 4v heads with Matching A331 Intake.

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$1,000 plus shipping

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