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[For Sale] 1973 Mach One H Code
Okay most of you know the history on the car and I will be sure to drag it over from the other threads if you don't. Quick run down, wife bought in 05 from the original owner in Wichita ks. Marti report shows it was shipped right down the street from his house where he told me he bought it, so that matched.

Everything when I got it was factory minus spark plugs, oil, and brakes, even got that old ugly spare,lol, I love it but ugly. Due to deployments I was only given x amount of time to complete it every year and now due to putting another brand new motor in her, it is time to walk away. All records show I have 11,382.92 in in right now, and I have it appraised at 22K. I know some would say roll it over the bridge and collect, but it is a shame to waste this car.

I know there is someone on here that knows someone who would like one. Every single drivetrain component is brand new, I mean I don't have to go through all this with you someone will get on here and help me out on linking my first post explaining her.

This isn't your intro but it is the one where you described the car with pics when you started working on it.



1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
Thanks Boss you are still the man brother.

Thanks. Sure hate to see ya sell your car. I hope you still hang out with us and chime in every once in a while.

Best of luck on the sale of your car.


1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
Thanks Ray, it is sad and my wife cannot actually believe I would still sale it after driving it, but it happens, oh well I can say that I am selling something I truly took care of. This car has not seen ice, snow, or even a road for the last 8 years, it kind of makes me sick but holding on to something I have got no enjoyment out of is silly, sure I can go out now but it just does not excite me, and that is scary.

This should be compared to a survivor because I almost set it on fire,lol.

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