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[For Sale] 1973 Mach 1
I have an opportunity to buy a 1972 Q-code in my factory color choice of 6C Medium Yellow. To do so I will need to let go of mine - anyone interested?

Mine is a 1973 Mach 1 H-code: 351C 2V, FMX automatic. 79,590 actual miles, original southern Californian car. Original 6E Medium Bright Yellow but currently White (repaint supposedly about 15 years old). Ginger interior, sport deck rear seat. Conveniece Group (P/S, T/S, P/B, A/C)

The 351C has been rebuilt (stock) but is currently out of the car. This is a solid no-rust ever California/Arizona car. I dent on top of passenger fender where something was dropped.

This post is dated February 25th and the car will only be for sale as long as my option is opened to purchase my option above.

I paid $7,500 for the car and will sell for the same price.

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.jpg   1973 Mach 1 H code.jpg (Size: 45 KB / Downloads: 198)
.jpg   1973 Mach 1 H-code #2.jpg (Size: 9.22 KB / Downloads: 197)
.jpg   My Mach 1 Front Seats #1.jpg (Size: 25.17 KB / Downloads: 198)
.jpg   Load-Trail Trailer 4.jpg (Size: 27.05 KB / Downloads: 198)
Hopefully you will find a buyer so you can pick up the Q code, but if not, sounds like yours is in great condition to finish restoring.
I actually have the better vehicle (condition) - not just quite as far along.

I could actually bring this one down to where I live (Mexico) and continue working on it whereas the one I now have since it is not under its own power cannot be brought down.

I'm a winner either way!
Wish i could, but my wife would kill me.
Looks like a nice project
M Beauchamp;57030 Wrote:Wish i could, but my wife would kill me.
Looks like a nice project

I understand. That is why this one is for sale instead of just adding to my Mach 1age.

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.jpg   Scottsdale Mach 1 # 15.jpg (Size: 24.76 KB / Downloads: 163)
.jpg   Scottsdale Mach 1 # 16.jpg (Size: 25.92 KB / Downloads: 165)
I am going to give this thread a bump for those who may have been absent over the weekend.

Unless you just really enjoy all that floor and panel replacement (and spending the money and time) here is your option.

My car will only be available as long as I have the opportunity to buy the other one.
Another Bump.

I am going to be in the Tucson area where the Mach 1 is stored for this weekend. This will be the best opportunity for anyone to look at and possibly purchase the car. Let me know. You can call me at (513) 460-9153.
My car is no longer for sale.

The Q-code I had the opportunity on has been sold and I will keep mine.
Sorry to hear that, but it was worth the try. Yours looks like a great solid Mach 1 anyway.
Thanks, it will be the better car once I get it done. Patience.
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