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For Sale 1972 Sportsroof/Fastback
Beautiful 1972 Fastback / Sports Roof Mustang with original and rare Olive Green interior / Ivy Bronze Metallic w/Clear Coat exterior color. 
Car located in NW Indiana just SE of Chicago.
Call or Text 219-228-0580 or email me at kevinlebonte@aol.com for lots more photos and info.
Front seats were just newly recovered and re-foamed 2 weeks ago.
This car is ready to roll and show
Car has power Disc Brakes all around! No drum brakes on this car!
All the following was just done to this Mustang within the last 2 weeks:
New Comp Camshaft Kit - # 32-221-3.
Head was machined (of course)
Premium lifters - hydraulic flat tappets
Valve springs - Timing chain
Gaskets for cam change - cam change kit
16 chrome moly valve spring retainers - chrome moly hardened
New blue cap electronic distributer (eliminating points), new plugs, new Ford racing plug wires.
New Holley 600 carburetor.
Engine is a 351 Cleveland with ram air, ported close chamber heads, ceramic headers.
FMX automatic transmission, shift kit, 9" gear ratio 4[/url]:11.1 limited slip.
Upon completion of rebuild Mobil 1 15-50 weight oil and Lucas treatment were added.
Car is high performance from motor through entire drive train.
New battery too! 
Car shows excellently with a couple dings.
Runs perfectly.
Was in 1 family from new in 1972 until April of this year, I'm only the second owner.
Have copy of original title and other original paperwork, bill of sale, owners manual, etc... 
There is so much more I'm forgetting that I've recently done to this car, please ask - 

[url=https://ibb.co/CtTZxwq][Image: IMG-9729.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9730.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9731.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9732.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9734.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9737.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9738.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9746.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9751.jpg]

[Image: IMG-9752.jpg]
Is this an auction?? What's the first bid?
Hi - lurvely car... I watched the video -- but what's making the pump noise? ... Mine doesn't do that

[Image: siggy.jpg]

the pump noise is the vacuum pump on pass side fire wall... i think i'd find out why the engine has no vac for the brakes and junk that noise pump.. also i notice the blinkers are under the bumper.. what happened to in the grill ???
I have to agree on the vacuum deal. I looked up that cam and is not all the aggressive so he should have plenty of vacuum with out the pump.

Also states that it is a Ram Air car and I do not see any Ram Air.

73 Grandé H Code. Headman long tube headers, T-5 Transmission, 3.70 Traclok, Lowered 1" all around, Aussie 2v heads w/ 2.19 intake, 1.71 exhaust, screw in studs, full roller cam 608/612 lift 280/281 duration LSA 112, Quick Fuel 750 CFM double pumper, AirGap intake.

- Jason

[Image: 082-hot-rod-power-tour-2017-1970-1970s.jpg]
(07-19-2019, 01:58 PM)delawarebill Wrote: also i notice the blinkers are under the bumper.. what happened to in the grill ???

It's a 72 -  turn signals were under the bumper.  It's also not a Mach 1, nor does it have the Exterior Decor Group, so no sport lamp grille.

(07-19-2019, 02:05 PM)73pony Wrote: I have to agree on the vacuum deal. I looked up that cam and is not all the aggressive so he should have plenty of vacuum with out the pump.

Also states that it is a Ram Air car and I do not see any Ram Air.

Agreed, the 268H is a very mild cam at 218/218 duration and should easily pull 15" vacuum. I ran the more aggressive 280H which is 230/230 and it had plenty of vacuum for the factory power brakes.

Either way, it's a nice looking car and appears to be pretty solid. The doors sound really good when closed, not the usual "coffee can full of bolts" sound you hear.

It may have been Ram Air, but the air cleaner wouldn't have fit that ugly HEI distributor.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
good luck with the sale. Someone would get a nice ride.

- Mike
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I am interested - it is a very pretty car, I love the colour, I even like the chromed NACA inlets - on that colour with the chrome front lip it sort of works... it would work over here in the European market for those that are not interested in all original - but that pump noise is horrific and that horse doesn't need to be nailed to the fan cowl. . 

I'm seeing subtle differences with my own though ...

  • The antenna hole is in drv rear qtr panel rather than drv front wing.  Chin
  • 351 RAM AIR decals are a bit high up the hood
  • The wheel rims are not something I've seen before
  • Loads of 3rd party add ons ...that doesn't bother me as much as it does purists
  • Body dings are easily and invisibly fixable 

...sorry but I just couldn't live with that digga-digga-digga pump noise. My brain cells would incandescently erupt with all my OCD, spattering my brain all over my garage wall at the speed of light...my poor wife would have to clean up. .  Bomb  

The only noise that should ever come from the front of one of these, is the satisfying, captivating, delicate, intoxicating hum of a Cleveland 13726548 firing order, conjugated with the soft flow of air through the radiator, united with the rotation of the fan....ahhh beautiful  Big Grin  , Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven or even Motorhead haven't come up with music this good.  Tongue

[Image: siggy.jpg]

Pretty nice car, but ya that pump is ridiculous! They think it’s needed cause it has 4 wheel disc brakes. The vacuum should be fine for that, especially with that small of a cam. But with that removed, shortening up the tail pipes and a few other things I think it would be a pretty nice car. I think the only major change needed would be to change that cam to something larger. It’s a 4v motor and it could definitely use some more cam than that. Oh, and removing that annoying pump!
1Sostatic, it has your name all over it, it’s green! Lol It is a beautiful green though, I really like it. If you were to get this one, then are you going to keep the one you have? If so, then you either have a great and understanding wife or, your like me and single so you can blow all your money on these cool cars with no one to bitch at you about it.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
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