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Fold down seat question
My '72 Fastback has a regular rear seat but it came with another set of seats both front and back, the back is the fold down version.  Would my Marti report show if my car had a fold down seat when purchased?   I see in another thread where they are not interchangeable, the fold down seat requires modification if not originally set up for it.  I do not have my car back yet but when I do I plan on taking the interior apart for paint and repair.[Image: Marti-report.jpg]
It would show on your Marti report as a the Sport Deck rear seat, which I don't see on the report you posted.

It's a fair bit of work to install a fold down in a fixed seat car.

Yes, the Marti would show it. It's listed as "Sport Deck Rear Seat". To convert it to the fold down rear seat, you'd need the brackets the seat back bolts to, the brackets in the trunk that the trap door rests on when it's down, additional rear interior trim panels for the sides and back, The latch assembly for the seat back when it's up, the bracing along the bottom of the trapdoor and the pieces on the sides for the latches to catch and the trap door itself. You would then have to cut out the bracing for the standard seat back and the package shelf and then weld in the new seat back brackets and latch. Can it be done? Yes. Should it be done? You'd have to really want to add weight, give up some structural integrity and dump some time and money into it just to get a little "cool factor".
Thanks, that is what I thought. No plans on doing said work so I guess I will just get rid of the fold down pieces after I dismantle the interior just to make sure those mods were not done by a prior owner.
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