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FMX Transmission doesn't engage for about 10 seconds
My FMX transmission is not going to win. Tonight we put the car in gear for the first time in 17 months. It seems in reverse and drive that there is about a 10 second delay before going into gear. Any experience or help out there with this issue? Haven't trouble shot yet and hoping its as simple as an adjustment on the transmission. Any suggestions welcome Smile
The first obvious q is when you've had the pan off to check/change filter and fluid.

[Image: Image3.png]
JimNiki;163014 Wrote:The first obvious q is when you've had the pan off to check/change filter and fluid.
Yes, new filter, new transmission
I take it you've driven it a few miles.
Is this the first time you are using it since installing it?
I would check that the vacc mod is plumbed in and if adjustable, put it somewhere in the middle.
If OK there, my mind would go to a wrongly installed shift kit, like the transgo.
It just takes 1 missing or stuck ball bearing to make it act like that.

[Image: Image3.png]
Check the fluid level with the engine running and transmission in park. With the transmission cold the level should be at or a little below the add line, with it hot should be on the full line.
Another possibility is that there may be air in the system. Cycle it from drive to reverse a few times.

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Mine did the same thing, in fact it wouldnt go into gear at all when we started it after about a year of sitting. We drove it around for a few miles and it got happierBig Grin

My advice is to check the fluid level, change it if necessary, and drive it a bit.
It has not been driven on the road. We started it for the first time in 17 months and put it in reverse and drive and we got the delay. We will check it out more on Saturday. Fluids seem to be ok, but will see if we can take it down the road.
The old COM (Cruise-o-Matic) in my 66 F-100 is a predecessor to the FMX. It does a bit of the same thing but only a 2-3 second delay. Longer on cold mornings. Once it warms up its better. Low idle speeds make the problem a bit more pronounced.

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Low fluid was the key...ended up taking 3 more quarts of fluid and now goes into gear as soon as you shift it. Of course the transmission has to win...looked under the car this morning and now its leaking from the gear shift/kick down lever area....ughhhh I don't want to take the pan off for the 4th time...its kicking my butt to say the least...not sure where to get the o-rings to fix this area but will find them
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