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Floor Support Replacement Advice
Hey Guys,

I'm planning on replacing the driverside floor support on my 73'. Has anyone done this before, or know of a good build forum involving this?

I need to cut open the bottom of the torque box in order to get out those spot welds holding it onto the frame, but if I do cut the torque box open am I good to just weld it back up or has it lost it's purpose once you start cutting into it?

Anyone have any experience with this, thanks.
[Image: IMG-E0944.jpg]

[Image: IMG-E0945.jpg]

[Image: IMG-E0946.jpg]

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Before you cut too much out make sure the body is supported and kept in correct position. If you flex the body and weld in a new frame rail nothing will align properly. If your floor was rusty good bet the cowl is leaking letting the water get to the floor so check that also.

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By the looks of the pics, its not in that bad of shape. Doesn't look like there are any holes and the metal is still pretty thick. I would clean that area up. Hammer back the bent areas and throw a few welds on those seams. Use some por15 or eastwood frame paint in there and move onto the floor pans.


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