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Floor pan help
Does anyone know a honest and reputable shop or person in Arkansas that can do floor pans on my 72 Vert???

Brian Kulis
If you don't get any responses you might check around for any local car clubs, especially Mustang clubs, see if anyone there has any experience/recommendations. Also see if there are any shops that specializes in restorations.

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When you do find someone I would suggest that you go with the complete floor pan not just the patches. The patches look bad when on a lift unless you spend lots of hours to fit and finish. The full floor that they have will have to have some work done to the flange on the sides where it joins the rockers. I have a friend that does restorations and he can put full floor in faster than just the patches. Make sure they do bracing before they cut the old floors out and be sure you get your seat risers and under floor reinforcements out of old pan. They do not come on the new one.
I am about ready to cut the floor out of my 72 and do full. PO had done the patches and I just do not like the looks of it, looks half done.
If your floors are rusty usually caused by leaks from vert top or the cowl above the dash. You need to look up inside the car to the cowl and see if there are rust holes. If so you will need to replace cowl also. It is a very common rust area even in a California car due to water getting in when washing the car.
Working on one of these cars is a snow ball just keeps growing, lol. If you do it right this time will last a lifetime.
Here are couple pictures under the dash looking at the cowl. This car had mouse nest over the drivers side in the very end of the cowl. The cowl has two water drains one on each side that mice love to get in and build nests. You can put stainless steel scrubber pads in the drain holes to prevent them getting in there and then put mesh wire under your cowl vents to keep them out. Does not matter where you live they love to get in. I have had snakes in there also. They will come inside the cowl through heater box and inside the car. Had one come out from under the dash once will give you a startle for sure.
The cowl water drain is right on the end where the mouse nest is.
If you have to do the cowl it has a bunch of spot welds that have to be cut but they do sell both upper and lower cowl. The upper cowl rusts out due to trash getting between windshield and the upper cowl and holding water there. These cars were not dipped in primer only sprayed with primer so nothing or very little inside the cowl for protection. They did put sealer around where your air conditioner / heater or fresh air vents were but there is always rust there.
Good luck on your search,

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