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Flexplate headaches
Some weird shit! Good luck!


1971 Mach 1
408C Stroker
C4 w/3,000 stall
8.8" Rear w/3.73's
Disc brakes all way around.

https://youtu.be/SoW1fhaFPzY  Burn Out Video. 

[Image: 044.jpg]
I have a Hayes 12-030 on order, it doesn't look like the same stampings, but it is ASI certified, dichromite finish yada-yada. Ordered from a different vendor. Haha Hopefully it fits!!
(02-04-2020, 09:03 AM)Omie01 Wrote:  I have a small vibration that comes and goes with engine RPM, so I decided to swap out the flex plate because it was the cheapest part

I would have thought the the playing with the balancer would have be cheaper/easier to GUESS what would fix this !   1) they do go bad/slip. 2) a 1" bolt and nut to one of the holes allows you to see if the vibration is engine produced or a driveline issue.

My guess is you have done all the drive car/roll in netrual , check mounts etc etc etc !  It is easy to go the wrong way with a slight vibration - again I would be looking at balancer first
Mark[Image: imagejpeg-0002.jpg]
I had this but I was trying to bolt the flywheel in backward. That’ll mess ya up.

I’m sure that isn’t your issue, though. Hope you get it worked out.

The reason I'm trying the Flexplate first is because the Harmonic Balancer I bought was REALLY expensive, and the flexplate was cheap, so I figured between the 2 the flexplate was more suspect. And I wanted to upgrade anyway. The Hayes I just got did FINALLY fit, and it's really thick, so it looks really heavy duty. It bolted in with no problems. I will keep everybody posted.
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