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Flexplate for 408c with 4R70W?
Installing the 4R70W on the 408C and the converter will not mate to my old C4 flexplate. Can anyone shed some light as to what flexplate I might need? Attaching pics of my existing one. Being that this is a stroker, can I use an off the shelf balance weighted one or will i need to get one custom done? Thanks in advance!

[Image: image000000.jpg]

[Image: image000001.jpg]

[Image: image000002.jpg]
The torque converter has to match the crankshaft balance on your stroker, internally balanced 0 ounce flexplate, or externally balanced 28 ounce or 50 ounce. Any off-the-shelf flexplate that matches your crankshaft balance and torque converter bolt pattern/diameter will work.

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