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Flat black hood ?
How do you clean and wax the flat black area of the hood? I though I knew how. But the more I do the worse it looks.Angry

[Image: 20r9ylt.jpg]
With clear coatTongue No clue mine is gloss, sorry not correct but is so easy to take care of
I beleive it is dependent on the type of paint used for your hood and how it was cleared. Q may be the best to consult on this one. You may need to post a pick to give everyone an understanding of what you are up against.

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My black is a single stage urethane flattened slightly for the low gloss effect. You cannot wax it since the wax will leave a residue and may discolor the black. If you have this type of paint and tried to wax it, wash it with some Dawn dish soap to remove the wax. What does work well is the synthetic polish (such as ICE). It does not discolor it or leave a residue.
I have used Nu-Finish liquid and recently Meguiar's Quik Wax spray. Both worked well with no white residue or hazing but the spray was a little more user friendly. That being said, my black doesn't have as much flattening agent as most recipes suggest but is noticeably flatter than the rest of the hood.

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