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Firefox or Internet Explorer?
Just wondering what browser you guys prefer? Firefox or Internet Explorer?

I mainly use Firefox but i also test on Internet Explorer. I don't use Chrome, Opera or any of the others though. One thing I did notice is that the forum theme looks better in Firefox! It has a more smooth look with shadows behind the forum boxes and stuff! If you want to see it in all it's glory, try Firefox! http://www.getfirefox.com

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Chrome @%%%^&^%@#$!@$^))^%^#%@#$ed me off when it was released. It would totally lock my computer if I tried to open a PDF file in the browser. I might try again....

Do the forums look OK in Chrome?

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"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
Chrome by far is my favorite browser, with Firefox second. Internet Explorer, while having improved over the last couple of versions, can go die in a fire.

I like both Chrome and Firefox because they are standards compliant, which is a major blessing if you design and code websites (like many people on this forum do). I like Chrome because it compiles javascript into binary making it CRAZY fast. It also runs each tab in it's own process, thus creating a separate space in memory for it to run (when running chrome, you can open your task manager an you should see a separate java.exe process running for each tab you have open). The benefit here is if you come across a website that has malicious code, it won't be able to access any of the other pages you have open because they all reside in separate memory space.

The other thing I like about Chrome is that there is more realty for the pages you view.
I just downloaded Chrome and Opera to test on. The forums look great on both of them also! IE is the only browser so far that changes the formatting. It's not horrible or anything, but it is noticeably different from FF, Chrome and Opera. Using IE's compatibility button does help, btw.

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"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
I bounce back and forth between FF, Chrome and Opera all the time. I've been running Minefield (FF's dev branch) for the past few weeks. I used to run Opera because it was the faster browser, but since FireFox has implemented GPU acceleration in their latest builds it's taken the top spot back. In any case, I stay as far away from IE as possible.

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I use Safari, its standard for all mac computers. The site looks great on it.

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I'm stuck with IE at work (Uncle Sam's 'one size fits all' approach), but I use Firefox at home - on all of my machines including my MacBook Pro. I've played with Chrome - it's doesn't suck (I actually do like it better than IE). I'm just more familiar with FF, and I tend to stick with what I know.

I also do my fair share of webpage design and prefer the standards compliance that IE can't seem to make stick. Why is it so tough to just stick to the standards? Oh yeah... it's Microsoft... nevermind.

FF, Chrome, and IE, in that order for me.


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I'm Mac also so, Safari or Firefox for me. I tried chrome a couple of times. It reminded me of windows ME, a truly awful waste of code.

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