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Finish Scheme
Alright, so now that I have a plan on stripping the paint and prepping the '72 for finish, I've started thinking about what theme. It's a standard sportsroof and not numbers matching, so I'm not worried about concours or even making a clone mach1 or anything, so a restomod is what I'm aiming for.

So...I started playing with the idea of basing it off the 2012 Boss. Not making it look like the Boss, just taking some design cues, such as: blacked out trim, body color bumpers, blacked out grill (except for the pony), and blacked out wheels with the polished rim (maybe body color rim?). The wheels will be 17x8 Bullitts in front, 17x10 Bullitts in back. I have the NACA/NASA hood which I'll black out too. A while ago someone mentioned using the "C" stripes instead of the hockey sticks, and I like that idea.

For the grill, I'm thinking of retrofitting in some rally headlights bracketing the pony.

I know it's not standard, but I'd like to get people's opinions on it. Right now it's just an idea kicking around in my head.

Oh yeah, paint color would be a dark blue, like in the bottom picture.

[Image: 281shmd.jpg]

[Image: 2powagw.jpg]

[Image: t97ipx.jpg]


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I like the idea! Restomodding is fun and it's like a blank canvas for the builder!

[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
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Hey its yours as long as you like it, thats all that matters. I get crap all the time from my uncle on mine. He is like I would not do that, to which I reply well its not yours and I like it. you have heard the old saying about opinions............ so go with what you want.
sm3570;27295 Wrote:A while ago someone mentioned using the "C" stripes instead of the hockey sticks, and I like that idea.

Here's a pic of my c-stripes if you are looking for idea's:

[Image: Stripey.jpg]

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
How are you Steve?? I was checking your ideas of restomod and it sounds like fun!!... I have a couple of thoughts about what colour goes best with a Dark Blue...
White is the obvious choice in combination with Blue, more if we talk about a Dark blue but i think if your ideas are more "agressive" with blacked out wheels, grill and stuff i´ll try to fit some dark graphics into the body...

There is some process that can matte any colour, maybe you can play with a 2 tone blue, one metallic and bright and the other one, flat and mate or maybe you can try to find the right blue for the car that works well in an agressive combination with black mate... Maybe this blue you´re showing us can go well just as is...

I just believe that to make sence, if you are going for mate black on wheels, grille etc, you shouldn´t use white in your body paint scheme... A combination with white for me sounds live a more classic look, and with black, more sport...

Well... i´d love to follow your progress in this matter Steve!! See you!

Damián Cool

[Image: 120x45bk1ani.gif]
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Flatback, I like the c-stripes. Did you have them painted on or are they decals?

Damian, I'm doing good! Glad to see you're spending more time with us on the forum Big Grin. I think I like the sportier look if I'm going to do a BOSS tribute. Last night I was thinking about it and I realized that it would be a 40 year tribute...1972-2012. Even though there was no BOSS in '72, why not make one, right?

When I get around to rebuilding the engine (it's not necessary for the near future), I might build it to BOSS specs if I can get the right heads, and convert it to a 4 speed manual. Or may be a 6 speed manual? Hmmmm.....then I have to upgrade the brakes...suspension...moneymoneymoney. LOL


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Alright guys, I drew up what I'm envisioning. The color will be a darker blue, but this is the darkest crayon my daughter had CoolBig Grin.

What do you think?

[Image: 2sbki8l.jpg]


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
sm3570;27394 Wrote:Alright guys, I drew up what I'm envisioning. The color will be a darker blue, but this is the darkest crayon my daughter had CoolBig Grin.

What do you think?

[Image: 2sbki8l.jpg]

I like it.....but if you're going for the retro kind of look ....I'd do blue with the argent stripe and hood

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


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Not retro, but a 2012 Boss tribute. That's why I blacked everything out. I like the idea more now that I drew it out and colored it.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Just keep it in the lines and everything will be fine
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