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Finally pulled the engine
Great looking 72, good luck with the project!
Hey guys, my dad got to talk to his friend that owns the body shop who is painting our car. He has all of the body panels as I mentioned, and he would like to have the actual car over at his shop over the holidays. Right now I'm talking to my dad about wheels and whether or not we should get a marti report. Would 15x8s all around give a nice muscle car stance? Maybe some larger tires in the back... Want an aggresive look but nothing that stands far out from the wheel wells. What are your alls suggestions? We are going with magnum 500s and are not sure on which tire or size. Would love to see some pictures of your alls rides and what their wheel set up looks like. Now the marti report... Is it worth it? It seems to be a pretty standard car but has a few weird options I think. Long console and power disc brakes and power steering, but maybe those were standard. I know the console is not but there is other things such as no ac and the paint and vinyl top option. Gold glow with white vinyl top. I'm not sure there are more things that are not coming to mind. Is it a good idea to get one? Any rare options that may stand out? (I will post the dealership invoice) Here is the vin number maybe you all could tell me some things..

Vin: 2F01F217133

Here is the dealership invoice up close

Sorry if this rotated the photo not sure why it is doing so.

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Marti Reports are always worth it, even if they repeat the invoice. Always helps to have dual documentation - and at $15 for basic reports, you can't go wrong.

Even $200 for the Elite Report is a bargain - you get to have all of this, and framed to boot:

[Image: Marti-Report-Elite.jpg]


Bet you couldn't find anyone in town to matte all of that for $200, much less give you documents you won't find anywhere else.


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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