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fiberglass parts
I have a usbody fiberglass fenders and nose that I took off my car, has a 73 grill and fiberglass bumper. I also have a usbody hood with a small scoop for sale also. I'm looking for 300 for the fenders and grill and 200 for the hood. located near Tulsa Oklahoma.

[Image: 2B5817AA-8D47-424B-8B9E-E2ADA758A1FB_zpswaqjnl6b.jpg]

[Image: 54473327-8694-4A66-A9EE-5B2D05FC842E_zpsskejiytz.jpg]

[Image: 612A5ACA-65D4-46B7-8F63-A43D1A380107_zpskg1dtalm.jpg]

[Image: 0C386036-CB0D-42BD-AF1F-598235AD78A7_zps7eiiobon.jpg]

[Image: 7F921912-8640-4C25-9E54-CE32D83B2E8C_zpsmyi6kep0.jpg]
That's something special right there - especially if you're fed up with front-end rust Wink


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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That is some good looking green in the garage
the green turd shelled a motor back in june, have not had time to mess with it yet. Hopefully there are some drag racers here that might want this stuff. I really hate to see it go to crap sitting outside, I don't have any indoor storage right now.
Put it on Ebay
I don't have an e-bay account and have never dealt with e-bay. don't know if I want to open the can of worms for one item. its going to be a pain to ship this stuff also.
How much for the "Green turd"?

[Image: 16kuyc0.jpg]
How much are you willing to part with?
how much would it cost to ship something like that to indiana 47303
I'm not real sure, prob around 200-250. I believe it was 200 to ship my new parts from Florida.
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