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fender cover material
I was at Harbor Freight the other day and saw moving blankets, a small size like 3"x 6", on sale for around $4. Since fender covers  are usually priced higher that that, I was wondering if a moving blanket could be used when working on the car especially since they seemed nicely padded.

Would the material be soft enough or would it be too rough to use on the fender and end up scratching the paint?
Should be fine I would think. They usually have one side softer than the other. I pull fenders off if doing a lot under the hood much easier to work on.

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i use those moving blankets all the time to cover my car and other projects in the shop. Just be careful if they fall on the floor and pick up and debris, dust , dirt that could possibly scratch the paint. I have good ones for covering cars, then eventually they get demoted to padding to sit or kneel on when working under the car. I buy new ones and rotate them through. Cheap and decent material.


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