What are your favorite things to work on?
Body work
Transmission/rear end
Bolt-on stuff
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Favorite things to work on
Many of us, like myself, like to do specific parts of a restoration over other parts. For instance, I'll dive in to an engine without blinking because I have done it so many times and am comfortable. By that same token, I have also done some body work in the past with success but still I don't like it as much as working the interior or bolting stuff on.

So, what about everyone else? I'm sure we all prefer one part over another so what is your favorite part?

Body work
Transmission/rear end
bolt-on stuff

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Great poll Mac!... you´re totally right... I do virtually everything i note i have to do... Even if i never did an engine, a trans or a rear axle, i know if i have to and i search the right info, i can do it...
I do interior work and i like it.. even the upholstery i can do fair good... Electrical too... just use a lot of common sence and i always know my limits in that matter..

But my thing, the thing i think clear and do it "better" and much more comfortable is body work, alignment and paint job... That is my click.. i just never been satiefied with another guys job in my cars so i started to practical learn the things and now i feel really comfortable facing that part of the project...

Along this typical car stuff i believe a restoration process has a lot more details that i love to do too... Being in South America forces me to work everything with much more intelect than "right tools and that stuff... I´ve learned to hate replacement made in China parts, not only because of their bad quality but for my pocket too... So... i feel really happy when i find a rusted but original bolt that i can sandblast, clearcoat it and re attach it to its original position; the same with everything you guys are used to replace and i have to restore in order to make my passion affordable...

Nowadays i know i´m not the best mechanic, neither painter, neither bodyworker or upholster but as i can do it all plus a lot of etra dedication in detailing those always forgetted parts in here, i believe i´m one of the few trully restorers in my country Smile

Anyhow... that skills can´t pay my bills Sad

Damián Cool

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I enjoy parts selection and assembly of the engine. I also like (most of the time) sheet metal work. Detailing parts is also rewarding. The rest is a necessary evil to finish the car. Chuck
I like my sanity, so I do almost all of my work myself. Saves me from getting PO'd at the idiot that screwed up X or Y.

Even my awesome painter forgot to clear the argent lower paint on my 71.....

I had to go with ENGINE. That's the most fun for me anyway!

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I like it all except the body work, I'm not very good at that. I don't mind taking the parts off the car and doing some of the prep work, but at far as getting the sheet metal right, priming and painting, I left that up to the body shop.

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upload a photo on internet

A man with a firm handshake and broken knuckles is a motorhead. If I do body work the whole world knows I tried my hand at body work. Some things are just best left to the artists who love what they can do and take pride in it. Me personally, I'm a motorhead with the utmost respect for the body man.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
"I like my sanity, so I do almost all of my work myself. Saves me from getting PO'd at the idiot that screwed up X or Y."

I went for an alignment and the idiots loosened my front sway bar for no reason, first ride home, CLUNK, CLUNK on every bump.

Took 3 hours to figure out what the idiots did.
I found out very quickly when a yankee moved done south that it's a good idea to do a little research. Now don't get me wrong, farmers are farmers even if their from Asia so I guess that's why I feel so at home here.
Since I have needed a good machine shop and body shop on my last project I inlisted all of input from the locals I could I get. If you dig deep enough you nfind the right people at the right prices that are quality.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Well, I guess with me it would have to be the body work, and painting of the restoration process, because I have been doing this work as my bread and butter for the past 30 years. Thats not to say that I won't jump into any other phase of the restoration. I guess Im with most of you guys, I would rather do the job myself,,, so there is no one else to blame, if im not satisfied

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