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Fastback Quarter Windows
OK - I've seen lots of 71-73 fastbacks with 5-position power window switches on the driver door, which I'm thinking are: 1 door lock switch (driver side), 2 door window switches (L & R), and 2 'other' window switches (quarter windows, L & R?). The passenger door has a 2-position switch: 1 door lock and 1 window for the passenger door only.

This leads me to believe that the quarter windows in fastbacks were made to roll up and down, and can have power units as well. Is this true?

If so, I'm thinking I would want to convert my fixed quarter windows to powered units (since I'm going to convert my hand-crank door windows to powered units anyway).

If not - then I guess I'm SOL and no worries.



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You bring up a couple of very interesting questions that caused me to think back to several years ago when I remember having seen a 1971 429SCJ Mach I that had power quarter windows.

In checking some of my research material, I determined that the quarter power windows were in fact available on '71 - '73 Mustangs and that the power window motor used was shared with the '70 - '73 Cougars.

I also determined that several of the "mustang houses" (possibly OMS as well) are carrying the regulators for the quarter windows in '71 - '73 Mustangs.

Based on the above, I would say that the quarter windows are designed to be rolled up and down and that they also were available as power units.

I would think that someone else will chime in with more "hands on" experience.

Hope this helps.


Do the RIGHT thing.
YES the fastback and the coupe and the convertible had quarter windows that rolled up and down.

Here is the deal, the coupe and convertible had the option of either manual or power windows as an option.

the Fastback/sportback, only got quarter windows that moved if you got the power windows option there was no manual option on this body style.

to convert quarter windows to roll down is a huge deal, you must find a donor system from a coupe to start finding a fastback with the option is almost impossible.

there used to be a website of a guy that did the conversion from a coupe to a fastback, he never really finished the car though, he couldn't figure out how to make the rear handles function properly, and so he left off the interior quarter panels thinking he would make some custom panels that would finish it off correctly. The site disappeared like 5 years ago

Powered versions of the rear windows will be Very rare, the pancake motors inside are unique and very rare.

the easiest is to take a manual system from a coupe. you may find a system being sold on e-bay it can be over 500$
there are up and down stoppers and a special version of the quarter window seals as well as channel parts and the mechanics that go into the frame. you will not be able to find any reproduction parts, though i have seen some re-manufactured pancake motors around.

the only thing you must change is replacing the coupe quarter window with your fastback quarter window, and reglueing the seals to it. you may have to hack together some proper window Whiskers also since the correct ones are not reproduced.

all the bolt holes and holes and mounts for the window stoppers are already in the frame behind the B pillar so its pretty much a bolt on modification, but you will need to drill out your quarterpanel trim and cobble together a handle to make it look factory, the fastback panels come out further then the coupe and from the factory no fastback mustang had manual rear windows so you will need some talent.

a few years ago i was interested in converting my car to manual crank rear windows, it was more trouble then it was worth to me, so i gave up. Also i didn't want to cut any holes in the ultra rare interior quarter panels.

converting to power windows from a coupe or fastback can be a problem depending on the year of the car and the harness the car came with, otherwise you have to hack things together.
you know i forgot this fact.

on the fastback when you got powered windows the rear windows were unique because they had a half moon cut out of them for the pancake motor clearance.

that was another reason it was cheaper to adapt a coupe manual system and then re-use your fastback windows, but you could only do that with the manual since the glass for power was different.
oh and you would use the coupe system because the upper stoppers on the vert were non-existent due to the roof so it was more complete to get it from a coupe when using it on a fastback.
Interesting topic! I could never figure out why the coupe has roll down quarter windows but the Mach 1 is stationary!

Good info, guys!

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Wow - talk about quick responses. Thank Guys!

And... aw bummer. I was hoping that it wouldn't be too tough of a deal to make it happen. As it stands, I'm in the perfect position to bolt-on parts and get it done... but if it's going to be that much of a PITA just finding the right parts, then it's just not worth it - I have plenty of other things to do that need more immediate attention.

I was just thinking of how cool it would be to have all of the windows retracted during a nice day like I could do in my old '73 Satellite Sebring way back when.


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I have an extra pair of fixed rear 1/4 glass with frame if anyone wants to try to modify. But no 1/2 moon on glass. Let me know or make an offer. Big Grin


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Alan L
I knew a guy that did the conversion. He just took the stuff out of a 73 coupe and bolted it in. He had to make an extension for the handle but that was it.

The problem is finding a donor car.

[Image: 25rnz1y.jpg]

From my experience the half moon cut is in the door glass to clear the power motors.
Never saw a cut quarter window.
There are 3 different quarter window glasses, fastback, coupe and convertible.
Rear glass is the same for fixed or power in the fastbacks and roll up or power in the other models.
Have never seen any different weather-strip or w-strip channels between the power, manual or fixed quarter glass.
Have sold guys several sets to convert fastbacks to roll up rear windows.
Only thing needed to be made is crank handle extensions.
At this time I have 3 -4 set ups for the manual and several complete power set ups.
Ohio Mustang Supply

Ohio Mustang Supply

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Wow! Thanks Don. I'll be talking with you some more after I get my front end and floors squared away (just feelin' the ground on this idea for now).

My interior panels already have some holes cut out of them for 5.5" speakers (which I'll probably just re-use for the same). So a powered set-up would be more along the lines of what I'd be hoping for. And again, I'm not fanatical about complete down-to-the-proper-colored-fasteners for Concours restoration, so coming up with whatever kind of system to make the windows go up and down by pushing a button (and not leak when closed) will work fine for me.

I am SO glad I asked this question. Thanks again, guys!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
go for the power setup if you do it.. its worth it. they will still leak though :-P
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