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Fair price for a set of fresh iron 4v CC heads?
Hi Everyone,

I found a set of bare CC 4V iron heads for my 351c from a retired engine builder. They are $200 and already machined for screw in studs, and for $350 more he will machine the spring seats for oversized springs, machine the guides for positive seals, supply and install 16 bronze guide liners, machine 16 valve seats with Sunnen 3 angle cutters and resurface the 2 heads. So for a total of $550 I would have a fresh set of bare CC heads.

It sounds reasonable for a set of fresh bare heads. I just wanted to get your guys' thoughts on them as I'm always looking to get the best deal possible.
Sounds like a great deal to me. Make sure they are crack free and install new valves with positive lock keepers. Good valves like Ferrea 6000 series. You get what you pay for.

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That is not a good deal, that's an absolute fantastic deal. As has been said, make sure they're not cracked or have gone porous anywhere (have come across a 4V head many years ago that was porous on an exhaust port, only one of many so not a common problem, best to have them pressure tested for surety though) For that price you couldn't buy a pair of 4V heads here in Australia, let alone with all the machine work done as well. The price he's charging you to do that work is the sort of money we'd do it for when I started my time back in the late 80's, so good luck to you on such a great score. Because at that price that's not buying them, that's stealing them.
Yep you could get them here in Aus for that but it would require a gun or bolt cutters lol. What a bargain mate,but crack test em.

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Sounds like a great deal..But like others said..Make sure to ask him if the heads been magnaflux tested..Which im sure he has, I'm sure if they was cracked he would not be putting so much work into them..lol..But you never know, long as you know the guy is a strait shooter..I would pop themSmile
Great, thanks. I thought it was a "too good to pass up" price. I'll grab them!
Buy em! barring cracks that's a great deal.

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That's about what I was quoted to have my Aussie heads machined, seems like a fair price to me.
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