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Factory Tachometer Issues after restoring Instrument Panel!
So I decided to replace the bulbs in my instrument panel and console gauges with the elite series LED kit from HiPo Parts. While inside the panel, I removed the gauges and lightly touched up the speedo and tach pointers with flourescent orange paint since they were almost bleached yellow from years of use and exposure. I was VERY cautious about the whole affair, knowing one false move could spell disaster.

I bench tested the lights (which work very well) and installed the panel to my Mustang. Everything good... EXCEPT now the tachometer is reading about 1000 rpm lower than it should. So with engine at idle, the pointer is resting on the peg. Speed up the engine and the needle responds smoothly.. just 1000 rpm lower than it should be.

Has anybody ran across this??? I am thinking the extra weight of the paint on the pointer is "weighing" it down and causing this perhaps. VERY frustrating as my beautiful OE tachometer is now wrong.

Any input would be appreciated.
The weight of extra paint can do exactly what you're finding to a tach. I've used The Tachman for Mustang instrument service. He's dealt with painted needles.
+1 on the painted needle seen it happen on a friends car he then took it to his dad an auto spark who told him it was the paint that did it. Sorry Dude

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
yep, it's the paint. I did the exact same thing with mine about 20 years ago. To make matters worse it actually bent when it dried. I tried to bend it back and I broke the tip off making it too light. Drove it that way for years. When rocketman finally got a hold of it he converted the movement and replaced the pointer. Operates perfect. You might check with him on if he can hook you up with a new pointer.

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Pics of modifications included in:
Well, I think I'm going to pull the thing back out and try to remove the paint. It never occurred to me this would happen. If I still have issues, I guess I'll have to find somebody to fix it.
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