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Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project
2 weeks of miserable weather.
but somehow the V8 gods were in good mood today and offered a cold but DRY day.

Ordered 1 meter strong chains and fasteners a week ago to remove my trans safely.
The fasteners arrived, not the chains Sad
F___ it, weather is too good today to wait another week for the chains. I must have some climb rope, some hauling cable somewhere...

I'm removing the trans TODAY!

[Image: trans-out-1.jpg]

With one jack supporting the car, went under, added another jack to support the rear of the trans, freed the trans support,
and used my good old skateboard to support the trans with the front already on the hoist.
That sentence alone took me a while to be done.

[Image: trans-out-2.jpg]

Once the trans was free, all was easy, the hoist having zero problem to lift it, once high enough, rolled the hoist back, the skateboard followed the movement and was able to make a first stop to change the gravity center and lifted it out.
First step done: the transmission was out of the car.

[Image: trans-out-3.jpg]

Cleaned up the place, jacks etc and moved on to step 2: go thru garden. With the 73 in garage, no way to go in straight line on flat even floor.
No, it was offroad, with the wheels on wet earth.., so had to let it roll on wood. At this point, I wondered how I would get it onto the table later on, as both legs are too wide to enter the garage enough, and there are 2 steps in between too...

Oh well sorrows for later, this baby needed a bath right now! Not planning to work on it with at least 30 years of grease and deposits. May be 45. Who knows!?

[Image: degrease-cleanup.jpg]

Step 3: After a thinner cleaning, a washing soda shower followed by soapy wool, most of the crap and most oxidation was gone,
I've discovered what a C6 looks like. Gave it a good rince and dried it with air.

[Image: getting-it-in.jpg]

As the sun went down, it was time to do the last step: getting it into the garage and on the table. While the picts look logical, it went in 3 times.
Because the legs are too wide to enter, first needed to get to the floor and set back the gravity at the front, in order to have it the most possible inside. Once a bit lifted, my skateboard went back into action, and was able to get the trans on it. Rolled it inside, then removed the legs of the hoist, and reinstalled inside, then lifted it again with the gravity center moved to the middle. Pffff finally got it on the operation table! Big Grin

[Image: clean-and-dry.jpg]

Cleaned the hoist and the mess outside, took one last pict of the clean lady and called it a day.

In a big garage, aside the cleaning, this should take 1/2 hour max. Took me the afternoon... oh well, it's done!
The good news is that there will be no off road for the way back as the car should be inside by then.

Now time to study some C6 videos and read some doc... may be chill too Smile

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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Well done and lucky you kept your skateboard!
Can understand with your C6 it would be difficult to move around
I have a C4 and can lift it myself when necessary
Hopefully you have the Badshoe productions videos, if not here's a link -
Certainly worth it being very informative
Little tip there Fabrice...By eating a few Dr. Oetker Pizzas you should be able to lift that C6 with your bare hands!  Wink

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
(10-05-2019, 06:37 PM)OzCoupe72 Wrote: Well done and lucky you kept your skateboard! Can understand with your C6 it would be difficult to move around
I have a C4 and can lift it myself when necessary. Hopefully you have the Badshoe productions videos
While I've skated quite a lot looong time ago, sold my beloved woodden doubleD's boards. A friend of mine brought me this one back from Canada, but never used it for other things that move things around... Very handy as it can take a big load and you can steer with one foot and balance at same time. And I can now say its perfect for C6 removal via engine bay! Smile

I've been in contact with Ken for a while now. Got his videos in their nice 1990's video quality, but content is indeed great. I'll be watching them again (3x 1 hour vids for the C6) in coming days. I could order a few things already, but I want test/inspect all before so I do not end up pay twice shipping and import costs over that for 1 or 2 details I may need.

(10-06-2019, 05:02 AM)NOT A T5 Wrote: Little tip there Fabrice...By eating a few Dr. Oetker Pizzas you should be able to lift that C6 with your bare hands!  Wink
I've actually tried to lift it and as its weight distribution is not exactly handy for my posture, as I've invested into a jumbo sized hoist, I've found that letting physics work for me instead of my back a much better idea! I'll have a Dr Oetkers anyway Smile

As @Vinnie texted me in late afternoon from Amsterdam, turns out it was a good call to remove the trans yesterday.
Nasty wet weather in south and over here temp dropped fast and we're expecting the first icy negative temps for the night... brrrr

I got the trans on surgery table, but realised I wasn't ready for it. Not wanting to have parts all over the place (and look for them when the time comes),
I want to buy some containers to separate parts by groups, to be cleaned/replaced etc... and have the good ones pristine bathing in trans oil while waiting on the new parts/rebuild kit.

[Image: support-plated.jpg]

Did not need to look long to find an alternative to occupy my aternoon. My next victim: the trans bracket/support. Showing its load of dirt and rust. As I have zero tolerance for this brown substance, I've degreased it, gave it a nice acid bath, prepped it and shooted few electrons at it. As its shape is complex, with many hard to plate corners , I had to move it in many different positions to have it all under a nice protective layer of zinc.
When I compare the before and after picts, I'm once more amazed at what a bit of vinegar and 3.5 volts can do!
Just like many parts I did during last year, it will receive paint as soon as I have more to paint and the weather dry/warm enough. Till then it will wait as is: rust free & bling bling.

[Image: pump-shaft.jpg]

As the trans stayed open and the pump shafts exposed to the dutch air for 20 years. Even if I don't open the trans today, its obvious I won't let it get back on the car like this.
So prepped and massaged the corroded part, the rest was still protected by ancient oil residues. And once restored, wooled it and applied the same punition to the entire part in a second pass. Clean and in ATF oil, I've reinserted it partially till I have proper containers to store "done" parts. Once I have the pump removed I'll handle the other one and the pump casing.

[Image: support-rubber.jpg]

In between activities, I've also prepped and de-rusted the hardware which I'll plate next weekend. It was too cold and late to continue.
The insulating part of the bracket/support is now also looking brand new. The black on the part is rubber, the nice thing is that the phosphoric acid doesn't affect rubbers and same is true for zinc plating. End of the day it joined my already growing to be painted box.

[Image: forthehardwork.jpg]

All with all, it was another harworking weekend and I thought it was time for a treat! Got myself a nice Mach1 cap Smile

To be continued...

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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Dog weather whole week and today was not different
No prob as I need be inside most of the time...

[Image: hardware-bracket-done.jpg]

Started late, but before open the trans, I wanted to finish to plate the support/bracket hardware.
Both are now done. waiting for a paint job and trans to support!

[Image: tedious-removal.jpg]

Then started the tedious work of removing, documenting, cleaning the trans guts...
Keep in mind the trans stayed 25 years with its pan removed, front pump removed, semi engaged and no converter,
just because the last #$%^ mechanic thought back then that it would be very handy to have the engine in parts and in mixed buckets, and the trans open with zero reason to do so.
He did not put anything back together, which in a way, makes me happy as the few things he actually did on the car made my eyes bleed!

But here I am now: what is already in normal conditions a nice puzzle, is now a cleaning challenge and will ask some serious over hours from my cleaning baths Big Grin
The plan is to get this baby as new and if possible perfectly functional.

Note for the nature lovers: Know that spiders do not care at all to make webs in an oil filthy environment.

so basically, while de-rusting/plating the external hardware. Today's been about:

- Take picture before removal
- Each bolts and their patern photographed (and later edited) kus they do not share same length for same bolt heads.
- Light cleaning/degreasing/inspection
- Label / bag
- Say a few bad words for a bolt that resists till I get it loose.
- Make an after removal picture


Bit tedious but necessary to make sure nothing gets back the wrong way and be able to provide doc if I need help or need explain what I need (not knowing all the trans jargon yet)

[Image: inspect-clean-doc-bag-repeat.jpg]

repeat the above, repeat, repeat...

Eventually becoming cleaner as I went, I've been able to discover more of the inside and it was a big relief to see no corrosion damage on the inside.
The ancient deposits and oils did protect the metal well and even thin parts are in good state. Dirty as hell yes, but not altered at all.

So I guess, I'll know more tomorrow about how the trans health was the last time it ran, as I will remove the drums and clutches...
Having most out and inspected would be great as I could then order what I need next week.

[Image: derust.jpg]

Some hardware is taking a bath for the nite and already had collected enough "wannabe-bling-bling-again" to occupy my Sunday...

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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Looks like you are making some good progress. Amazing what you can come up with to move things around when you need to. Love the skate board. May want to consider putting in a shift kit while you are rebuilding the trans. I put one in my C6 and has made a big performance difference.


"The only dumb question is the one not asked"
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