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Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project
Man, I really have to read up on your plating technique Fabrice, I may have some questions coming your way soon. As always, everything's looking great.

Plating is really rewarding. It's extra work and you can't cheat as for paint yes. But once you done, your parts are really protected or looking as new.
Best part is how easy and cheap that is. Wish I'd tried this many years ago...
You know where to find me if you need get started...


Cold and rain whole week. Way bellow season temps.
As today was dry and sunny, did not miss the opportunity! Smile

[Image: byebyeblingbling.jpg]

Was again time to see bye bye to all the bling bling parts done in past weeks.
First applied a layer of rust preventive epoxy to the bumper support as I can't plate it due to its volume. Then sprayed a generous epoxy layer and thanks to the sun and a tad more hardener, all was drying pretty fast.

[Image: little-things.jpg]

In between, took care of the rubber mount for the suspension plate, its stayed the week in bath and gave it a quick zinc coating hoping it could be ready to go for the other side epoxy pass. Which I did. Also, placed back temporarily the plate for the electrics plated a while back and all the screws plated last week that came from @Dale part car. So I have all in place before I forget where they all go. Smile Aside one screw for the latch in need of a j-nut behind, all threads were fine. All will stay there till I handle the dashboard...

[Image: otherside.jpg]

The skies were starting to obfuscate the sun, but took my chances and sprayed the other side and by the end of the day, just before it start rain again, all was ready and hard to the touch. If the weather permits it, I might start prime them and may be paint a few tomorrow...

[Image: questions.jpg]

Then while all these goodies were drying,went back to the car to pick my next victims. Came across 2 things. There was this ring with a screw, even had the original green on one side. Obviously this is useless, but wonder what is supposed to be there... anyone knows? On the other side there was nothing, but the little hole is there too.
Also another question, the driver rocker has a deep shock, not very obvious on the pict, but its like bit more of 1/2 inch deep in the middle. What would be best way to get it back in place. I'm thinking about renting some tool to weld some sticks and using a guide with weight to get in back out. But if anyone has some tips, please shoot, as i'm sure the metal isn't thin there...

[Image: next-victim.jpg]

The other one isn't yet finished that I already start on this one. Way less dents but much more corrosion on this side, tho nothing to scare my acid powa Smile
Notice the plastic gold on the lower part of the pict. It's different than the passenger side for some reason... Unlike the other side, I do miss the totally useless and not even visible plastic pieces in the front. Also removed the deco group trim and extensions without problems.
The more I see these thin things, the more I'm thinking about learning fast how to weld stainless steel and made a new set myself. We'll see.

[Image: pure-beauty.jpg]

Ah, behind the splashguard that was rivetted for some reason, I've discovered even more how talented the guy who did this was... I know its so ugly I should not post it, but also because its so ugly that I needed post it Smile
He used a metal sheet and mixed it with this poo, may be to imagine he actually placed some metal back after butchering the apron... tsss. Pushed all the wires inside, and I'll dive in this misery later on.

[Image: questions2.jpg]
Aside a problem on the front, what I took for rust first was just brown dirt. There is only few places where rust starts, but nothing serious. So good news in that regard.
However came across 2 other things that may be one of you knows about.
On second left pict, there is some kind of reinforcement. I there supposed to be something there? Or was it again added to hold the winshield washers tank because may of too big hole???
Also, and that one looks original, there is a thin tube that goes in pair from fuel pump back to tank. Was it some kind of return line or vapour thingy in 71 or specific to 429's ? I'll go EFI, so this will go away, but wondering what it was for.... My 73 doesn't have this and never seen this before.

Anyway, lets hope tomorrow will be nice weather kuz my todo plate is full again Smile

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
Yes, you can get a stud welder and use a slide hammer to pull it out.

You can also get the glue type dent puller

And, you can drill 3mm holes and use a hook to pull the dent out, or a slide hammer with a sheet metal screw to pull it out, and the weld the holes shut. The best body man I knew used a L shaped hook with a handle on it and would pull on the dent with one hand while tapping around the edges. The L shape didn't pull cones into the sheet metal the way a sheet metal screw does.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
(07-13-2019, 05:49 PM)Don C Wrote: Yes, you can get a stud welder and use a slide hammer to pull it out.
" I'm thinking about renting some tool to weld some sticks and using a guide with weight to get in back out."

Obviously your english is better than mine Big Grin 
Thats exactly what I ment.
I've seen this in action years ago, and there are no holes made, the extremity of the slide hammer was having a similar head as a drill machine and you could use lots of force on the studs. I'd like very much this above making holes to perform the same.

You mentionned the glue type dent puller. Would it be strong enough to pull this kind of metal thickness? I bet the metal is 1.5mm or even thicker on the rocker there no? I recall seen this used on modern cars rear fenders where we all know its cigarette paper thin these days.
Tho, might be worth a try before drill anything if I can't rent the "man" tools. Thanks for the tips Don.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
Still no summer temp, but warm enough and dry.

[Image: primer.jpg]

Sanded all the parts where some some remains of ancient pits of rust were and applied primer. Not long after that, did the other side.
Unlike epoxy, this primer dries very fast.

[Image: primed-waiting-for-paint.jpg]

Hard to see these were pieces of rusted junks a few weeks ago! Smile
Once the second pass was hard, most of them went back in box for next week black paint as it was too late to start paint and coat.

[Image: noslopgrey.jpg]

Did apply my metallic replacement color for the slop grey, as I marries much better to the green I'll be using. Still wet when I took the picts and weirdly reflecting the tree above, These should be coated together with the other black parts next week. Or may be during next week as weather is announced warmer.

[Image: fender-derust.jpg]

As usual, had to do ugly things too Smile After a good clean with water to remove all the collected mud and dirt, got to the raw material (read rust). Then applied the first pass of phosphoric acid, notice on lower picts how efficient it works. This is just 1/2 hour keeping the metal wet with a paint brush. When I left the garage to go work in garden, I forgot to take a pict, but only the deepest rust was remaining. The nose very corroded is submerged in bath (as on pict) and should be totally rust free by tomorrow. I'll continue apply during the week and should be able to start on other side next weekend...

All with all, another good mustang weekend Smile

To be continued...

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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