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Eye Candy and Fantasy Pics
Hello again All ......

As promised in the thread in the Chop Shop section I will post here all other Hot Rod, Car makes, Fantasy pics that are not Mustangs in this thread. I update these as I do new graphics. The offer is the same here as in the Chop section, One free Fantasy pic for any forum member No Charge. So with this said Please sit back and I hope you enjoy my Work .......


O.K. so here's some Hot Rods, Wild Cars, Awesome Backgrounds that I think you folks will Enjoy so to start with ......

[Image: Cop-Ride-1-1_zps9d2b51a5.jpg]

[Image: Go-Low-1-1_zps88ab275c.jpg]

[Image: Silv-Mero-1-1_zps438d2507.jpg]

[Image: 1956-Chevy-1-1_zps79dd2112.jpg]

[Image: Tracy-1-1_zps291cf317.jpg]

[Image: DartVip-1-1_zpscb114697.jpg]

[Image: Sweet-Dodge-1-1_zps26ac87c1.jpg]

[Image: Org-Roady-1-1_zps62e85c8e.jpg]

[Image: Blue-Rod-2-2_zps998bcb6d.jpg]

[Image: Red-Coupe-1-1_zps0fa2ffcf.jpg]

[Image: Mirage-1-1_zpse1f88478.jpg]

[Image: SilvConcept-1-1_zps7d85ed7d.jpg]

[Image: ScottsDodge-1-1_zpsa68a1f07.jpg]

[Image: Lamborgini-1-1_zps41283a19.jpg]

[Image: Audi-Org-1-1_zpse8eb60d5.jpg]

I'll post up more later folks ........


More Eye Candy ......

[Image: Citroen-1-1_zpscef0bae8.jpg]

[Image: Vipr-GTS-1-1_zpsfee04056.jpg]

[Image: BlkButy-2-2_zpsf1e43650.jpg]

[Image: Ford-GT-1-1_zps2bb629a9.jpg]

[Image: Aw-Orange-1-1_zps88ace17a.jpg]

[Image: SS-2p2-1-1_zps0ba52ec8.jpg]

[Image: Vette14-1-1_zps6e4a331a.jpg]

[Image: Z-Mero-1-1_zpsbd95f84c.jpg]

[Image: Super-Cobra-1-1_zps63656d9b.jpg]

[Image: Spidey-8-1_zps879f79d7.jpg]

[Image: Green-Lant-1-1_zpsac2fcae5.jpg]

[Image: Lo-Rid-49-1-1_zpsed17d58b.jpg]

[Image: Black-Charg-1-1_zps5cce2d60.jpg]

[Image: Futur-Car-1-1_zps51b8cfac.jpg]

Be back this evening with more .......

no Pictures displayed!!!

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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I'm looking at them .......... they look o.k. ...... I'll have rocketfoot take a look.


I can see the photos just fine.

[Image: rocketfoot2012-copy.png]
1971 Mach 1 - 306cid/C4 Bright Yellow
"Just relax, I've got a friend named Felix who can fix anything!" ~James Bond
I figured it out, Its the companys firewalls Sad I'll have to wait and see when I get home.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Facebook Page

Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Web Page

Someone get me a bucket quick! SO much drool. Very nice work sir!

2013 Ford Focus SE Flex Fuel 5spd - Daily Driver
Very cool
Thanks a lot you guys ............... Ready for more .......

[Image: OutS-Camero-1-1_zps053ba28a.jpg]

[Image: Chevy-SS-1-1_zps417be9fa.jpg]

[Image: Maro-Blk-1-1_zps68d98a21.jpg]

[Image: Silv-Org55-1-1_1_zpsd1b45dd6.jpg]

[Image: TA-Muscle-1-1_zps19ec58b3.jpg]

[Image: Its-a-Honda-1-1_zpsd24a3295.jpg]

[Image: LSX-1-1_zps49b6cf93.jpg]

[Image: Sweet-Ford-1-1_zps46f87ad6.jpg]

[Image: Hemi-Chally-22_zps64741e23.jpg]

[Image: Blu-Silv-1-1_zps720ad016.jpg]

[Image: Velocity-1-1_zpsb5369efc.jpg]

[Image: Cobra-1-1_zps17163194.jpg]

[Image: Roady-1-1_zps06865a7b.jpg]

[Image: Merc-Lo-Rid-1-1_zps6a2d29c2.jpg]

[Image: Dans-SRT8-1-1_zpsadfa8765.jpg]

[Image: Chally-Org-1-1_zpseb87990b.jpg]

[Image: CH-SSR-1-1_zps5d0d3892.jpg]

[Image: SweetDodge-1-1_zpsd0fd2747.jpg]

[Image: BenDark-1-1_zpsedc68422.jpg]

[Image: Blu-Rod-1-1_zps427a37f1.jpg]

[Image: Robs-Chally-1-1_zps152bbd6a.jpg]

[Image: Saddleit-1-1_zpsc8253e2c.jpg]

[Image: NiceFuknTruk-1-1_zpsf5f996f4.jpg]

[Image: Mean-GTX-1-1_zps0296f2c8.jpg]

[Image: Picas-2-1_zpsccf1471d.jpg]

[Image: Picasa-1-1_zps434a5699.jpg]

[Image: CopperPikup1_zps0c11c5b2.jpg]

[Image: NoMad-it-1_1.jpg]

Enough Candy for one night ............ Be back tomorrow with more.

Outstanding! Big Grin I"d love to have you do my car in one of those sometime . Cool

[Image: 1_11_01_14_4_00_47.jpeg]
460 , Edelbrock Performer carb. + intake , 204 / 214 cam , Pertronix Flamethrower 2 billet dizzy + coil , Crites long tubes , C6 .

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