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exterior door handles
can anyone tell me what part if any of the exterior door handle on the 71-73 had Argent paint on them? It's hard to tell on mine but it looks like I see traces of where argent paint is present on at least the "cup portion" of the exterior part of the handle. Was this factory painted that way and if so, what about the actual handle "ribbed insert" part as well? Thanks
No, I have seen many different Ford door handles of that time. None was painted and they only have a dulled surface in the cup. The ribs in the handle were chromed. The dull effect was accomplished by leaving it out of the polishing step during manufacturing. Then the part was chromed without polishing the cup.
Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the "uneven" dullnes on my handles are simply due to wear over the years. Glad I asked before I made things wors. They are original and in great shape so it's good to know I can leave well enough alone. Thanks again!
Yup. Kind of a satin appearance inside.
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