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Experimental Shelby Mustang Discovered
Hi Guys,

I just came across the info on "Barn Finds" and it's good reading.
I hope ya'll enjoy it.

This was probably one of the reasons that Ford pulled everything out of Shelby. They got fed up with him not selling cars and doing his end of the program and in 1967 sent Holman Moody to California to clean out the Shelby facility. Ford owned 100% of the operation. All Shelby was was a name, car salesman and oh yes a chicken farmer. He never designed any of the modifications and none of the look of the Shelby cars. If you want to hear the whole story first hand be at the MOM Mustang Owners Museum next April in Charlotte and Gale Halderman and Lee Holman will be there to answer any questions you might have. I talked to both in person this year and that was their story.
Holman Moody sent Shelby one of their altered Falcons at the request of Ford for him to know how to make the Shelby. He copied everything from the H&M Falcon.
Lee Moody loves to tell the story that he still has the trash can from Carol Shelby's office in his office.
So if you think this is not so be there in April. They told all the stories at banquet this year in front of probably 100 people.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The car was at Mustang Memorials car show at Ford world headquarters. They had it covered and made a big deal about when they uncovered it. Barrett Jackson was filming the whole thing. No engine in the car and a lot of rust everywhere. Not much to look at but there was a lot of hype about it.

John J
Shelby is, was and always will be - just a name.

Having worked in the performance racing industry and the stories I've heard about him and his operations - oy!

It was an eye opener at the MOM Mustang Owner's Museum last year to hear that he really did nothing but try to sell cars. Ford and Holman Moody did all the engineering and he was salesman.
They are going to have more of the original Ford designers and engineers there in April 2019 so if that interests you should attend. You can order early copy of Gale Halderman's book from MOM also on their site. Going to take mine to get him to sign.
If you go to youtube and look up Jay Leno's 50th. Ann of Mustang special they show a picture of Gale's first sketch for the Mustang that Ford picked for the design. Actually very close to what came out the door.
BTW is it Carol or Caroll?

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
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