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Exhaust system hangs low
'73 Mustang 351 Cleveland 2V single exhaust.

Jut got back in the country and back to same old problem.  The Exhaust system is brand new but hangs very low.  I can push it up into position but it takes about 45lbs to get it there and it i definitely in a bind.
     I've tried to adjust "Y" pipe, and reposition exhaust pipe.  There isn't much more room for the "Y" pipie to go any higher.

Any ideas?

Roy desu[Image: SAM-1277.jpg]
Seriously, I would tie it up and limp it to a local exhaust shop and say "fix it please"  You'll probably spend $200 and be happy for years.

I live in the Kansas City are and there are a few shops here that make stuff like that happen.  Grain Valley Muffler, in a suburb is even used by the dealerships because they are so good and affordable.

I finally forced the muffler into position and secured it.
Now the tail pipe won't fit because the muffle is too far aft and the pipe has to loop over the axle.
The only thing I can think of is I have the wrong exhaust pipe connected to the "Y" pipe, but I was assured it was the right one.
Any ideas?

Call it ego but I am not going to let this get the better of me.

Roy desu
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