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EPS - Anyone Using One?
I picked up my 73 Q code Mach 1 last summer. The PO rebuilt/replaced about everything short of the front suspension (though the springs were replaced) and steering. I am trying to sort out what to do and came across the EPAS electric power steering unit. The future holds a 427 Windsor (Smeding 550 hp version) and a swap from the top loader to a 5 speed Tremec. Curious to here views and, ideally, experience on EPS. Thanks in advance.
EPS has been around for a number of years now. Some Honda quads (ATV) even use them.
I've never heard any negatives about them. We have some used units being sold at my work (a junkyard), but I believe are being replaced due to accidents (we mainly wholesale to body shops through insurance companies).

I first heard of them when an uncle of mine overheated one in a parking lot trying to get his car into a tight spot. He opened the hood to check fluid level and/or a leaky hose, but couldn't find the pump! A circuit breaker had popped, temporarily disconnecting the power assist. After a short while, it cooled down, automatically reset itself and continued to work fine.
At the time, neither one of us had ever even heard of EPS.

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Yes I am aware they have been around for a bit. In fact, most new cars are going electric to help meet fuel economy requirements. Just curious if anyone had installed one in the Mustang. Looking at this one.

It's an interesting idea. I found this 67 mustang video being converted with this kit.


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Some Mod pictures can be seen at:

My thoughts as well. A bit pricey but you can vary the assist with a knob and make a little room under the hood to boot.
It looks like it gets rid of the collapsible part of the column, though.
Lots of info here:


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That is where I started,

Wow, another kit for the 65-70 Mustangs. It is a fantastic idea that one might could install into the 71-73 mustang. I believe this would mean that one would need to procure the manual steering box and parts associated with it. Are the electric steering motors for the newer mustangs mounted under the dash also? Here is the Mustang 360 article.


One safety feature I would like to see, if feasible, would be an adaptable ABS system. To me, that is one of the best systems that the auto industry added for vehicle safety.

It could be a good option to get assistance for the steering, I was thinking about this before I bought mine with manual steering.
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