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Engine won’t shut off
(08-12-2019, 08:56 AM)Don C Wrote: Let us know how it works out, also if you can verify where the one you have now came from. If it's from NAPA I'll add them to my don't buy list.

I would use a Motorcraft solenoid or voltage regulator from a salvage yard before I would buy a new one from most places. My electronic voltage regulator came from Pic-N-Pull 15 years ago and the last time I had it running (been over a year) it still worked fine.
Ok I’m going to pick up the new one now. I will try to find out what brand was on there. 
Could my electronic VR be giving me problems too?

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John 72 Q Code
Ok, good news! I got the new Motorcraft solenoid and so far, so good. Car shuts off and seems ok. I drove around and stopped at a few places with no problems. Been out for a few hours so gave it a chance to see if it was alright. I think it’s good to go, hopefully no more issues with it.
Thanks for the help Don!

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John 72 Q Code
Awesome news John, Glad you got it figured before next Sunday!!
Just as an side note to this, I bought a solid state VR from Virginia Mustangs a few months ago because the one I bought from NPD, no idea who made it, was showing over 15 volts when hot. Actually that was on the way home from the last Mustang Memories show. Without digging through my posts, I believe it was Hemikiller who thought it was a bad one and it should be replaced. Now the solid state one only shows 13 volts when running, but I don't seem to be having any issues with it.

 I learn something new every day!
I have a solid state VR also, but I don’t remember where I got it from. I just got back from another drive in some stop and go traffic and I made a few stop along the way. All seems good and now my volt gauge reads right at 14. Before I changed the solenoid it was either a bit below or above the 14.
Anyway, I sure hope you don’t start having electrical problems and I hope I’m done with mine.

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John 72 Q Code
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