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Engine shop
Ok so I'm contemplating my list of things to do on my 71 vert and am wondering if anyone has heard anything about engine shops in the northeast. I live in upstate NY, near Buffalo and through the grapevine I have only heard horror stories about local shops. I would love to just have my m code Cleveland gone through to make sure some day I'm not going to kill it. It does not have any glaring issues besides a leaky rear main seal. No knocks or pinging but I fear that if I do any bolt on upgrades I might set its demise in motion. I mostly use my stang as a weekend cruiser but I would like to change intake manifold and cam but not if that means it's ultimate demise. Anyone have any ideas? Or advice?


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This guy has a good rep and is a cleveland specialist, in Maryland.

EDIT: or go here and do a search http://www.351c.net. Or request to join and get full access to post your request. Be patient it may take a few days to be "accepted". Chuck
If you don't mind driving down here to Butler PA, the gentleman that built my motor has a very very nice brand new shop and GREAT reputation in the area. His name is Denny Ashcraft, of Ashcraft Speed and Marine. Builds great motors and is one of the most meticulous guys I have ever met. He usually has a waiting list for the builds though. I don't believe he has a website or anything like that. But I think his dyno should be set up soon and his chassis dyno. If you want any more info or his number let me know. He did a really nice job on my 408 Cleveland. Buffalo should only be a few hours from his shop.


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Not exactly what you asked for but I live in California and I ordered my engine from Kuntz & Co. in Arkansas. It didn't take too long, were very good about keeping me informed on hiw the build was going, reasonably priced and didn't charge a ton for shipping...
Paul Lipke owns J&L Performance, 3861 Walden Ave, Lancaster NY 14086 716-684-8971 and is a cleveland specialist. He won't be cheap, but you get what you pay for. I recommend you at least stop in and talk with him. He rebuilt my 73 H-code 351c and my 69 302 which we converted to multiport EFI.

Mike Oertly owns O&L Equipment, 370 Southside Ave, Bflo NY 14220 716-824-2212 which is a first class engine machine shop. I would not hesitate to recommend you contact him and discuss concerns and needs.
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