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Engine Paint
I was just wondering what the best paint would be to use on my block. I was looking through a writeup about a Pantera and the guy used Hirsch Engine Enamel on his block and tranny and it looked awesome. Went to the website and saw that they have Ford Mustang Blue in both quart and 16oz rattle can sizes. I know that Rustoleum and Dulpicolor have engine enamels but I'd like something high quality. I used the Rustoleum engine paint on some quad parts and it only lasted a few rides before it started to burn off.

Here's a link to the Bill Hirsch paint: http://www.hirschauto.com/departments.asp?dept=2

And here is a link to the article I was reading: http://www.panteraplace.com/page104.htm
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Cold Start And Run Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqr4NVCHxBk
If you use anything from a spray can, it will melt with many solvents like spilled brake fluid, carb cleaner, many strong degreasers, thinners, and when you disconnect a fuel line and spill gasoline all over etc.
I would recommend a catalized paint sprayed from a spray gun.
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Check out this link. Good quality stuff.


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